World Series Game 5 Preview: Mets vs. Royals

Amazin' Clubhouse previews the pivotal Game 5 matchup between the Royals and Mets.

          The Mets are staring elimination in the face as they are down 3 games to 1 game. Losing any of the next three games will not be an option for the Mets and there are no three other pitchers they would rather have take the mound than Matt Harvey, Jacob degrom, and Noah Syndergaard.

Look out for the bats of the Mets to wake up at Citi Field tonight and spark a fire that can turn into a run.

In other words, don’t count the Mets out in this series and expect them to fight until the end. It was a real shame to see the hero of the postseason, Daniel Murphy, make the error that may have not only blown the game but possibly the season for the Mets.

            It would be easy to play the blame game and try to point fingers at all the players and coaches on the Mets who are responsible for the Mets dropping 3 of the first four games of the World Series. However, that will not solve anything and it would be better to spend time on what needs to happen moving forward so the Mets can win three straight games and win themselves a World Series. What would need to happen? Three things need to happen and the first one would be three dominant starting pitching performances from the big three of the Mets rotation. This is very possible and maybe even more likely than not. The second thing would be the resurgence of Yoenis Cespedes, the guy who slugged more second half home runs than any other player in the major leagues. The third thing would be flawless defense with no dumb errors or late inning collapses.


Pitching Probables:


Edison Volquez (13-9, 3.55 ERA) vs. Matt Harvey (13-8, 2.71 ERA)


Oh boy does Queens need a hero more now than ever before in Harvey who will make the biggest start of his career tonight against the Royals in efforts to save the Mets from elimination. There is no room left for error and one more loss will be the last loss for the Mets and there is no one more mentally capable of handling this pressure than the Dark Knight. After the death of his father in game 1 Volquez still threw a strong game despite all the pain of losing his father. Some may even say that his father was his inspiration to toss that game.

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