DeGrom wins Defensive Player of the Year

Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom earned the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award for his outstanding play in the field this past season.

            Jacob degrom was the ace of aces for this New York Mets pitching rotation. The most interesting part about degrom’s season though came outside of his pitching numbers. Degrom just received the honors of winning the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award for a pitcher. Degrom managed to flash his leather better than anyone else in the National League and to add that type of award to his resume makes that much more special of a player than he already is.

            To get a full understanding for why Degrom won such a prestigious award,  simply go to YouTube and type in defensive plays made by degrom and it will become sclear as to why he won this award. The type of player he is on a regular day basis makes him so much fun to watch. His defensive abilities can be credited to his length and his athleticism. After watching a line drive 10 feet off the ground and heading towards center field being caught by Degrom who reaches up with insanely sharp reflexes to catch is amazing. It is even more amazing to see a bunt hit down third base line and seeing him bear hand it on the run and throw him out at first by multiple strides. Degrom made the hard plays look easy and that’s what had to be taken into account when handing him this award.

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