Mets Free Agent Wish List: Gerardo Parra

The Mets will be scouring the free agent market this offseason to get them over the hump and one name that keeps getting linked to the Amazin's is Gerardo Parra. Find out if New York will make a push for the left-handed hitting outfielder.

The 2015 offseason continues, and the New York Mets have shown interest in a number of players. Today we look at Baltimore Orioles and Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Gerardo Parra. Parra is a very interesting player, he is a two-time gold glover and in his seven years in the major leagues has a career batting average of .277 playing for three different teams. The question is where does he rank among the free agents on the Mets wish list. The answer to that question is pretty easy as it would be around the middle of the pack as far as free agents are concerned however in the realistic department he probably ranks near the top.

Parra doesn't do anything really all that special despite the fact that in 100 games last year in Milwaukee he batted .328 with nine home runs and 31 RBI on a very bad team. If you look back at his last two seasons in Arizona before he went to Milwaukee via a trade Parra batted no better than the current Mets centerfielder Juan Lagares batted. Lagares is by far the better defensive player and is very close to figuring out his bat which when worked on and developed fully can be an elite one. The only concern is if Lagares continues to falter with the bat, is there room for the Mets to make a signing for a guy that might bat the same as the guy you already have except from the left side and is not as good defensively?

It is very difficult to base Parra on what he did in Milwaukee last year. Albeit he was on a bad team last season which would make the feat more impressive, you still cannot base a baseball player off of one season.

A perfect example of this is Chris Young from two years ago. Sandy Alderson based Chris Young's ability from one good year that he had and ultimately didn't work out. It's a tough situation for the Mets to be in. Do they go the conservative way and hope that their guy develops a good enough back to play every day? Or do they sign a guy that might produce the same amount and platoon them to get a better matchup every day. If Parra shows any sign of him from last season in Milwaukee, then he will be a top of the order hitter and an every day player. But one must be careful one good season shouldn't overshadow a career of below average hitting. null

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