Cuddyer retires, Cespedes on Mets radar

The Mets will save $12.5 million with outfielder Michael Cuddyer retiring, now will the Amazin's use that money to re-sign Cespedes?

It was a shocker to alot of fans of baseball when Michael Cuddyer announced his retirement with one year remaining on his contract. Cuddyer, leaves behind $12.5 Million that was owed to him for the 2016 season. In 2015,

Cuddyer batted .269 with 10 home runs and 41 RBIs. Originally brought in because of his ties with captain David Wright, Cuddyer had an injury riddled 2014 season after winning the national league batting title as a member of the Colorado Rockies in 2013. Cuddyer was a presence in the locker room and was able to keep things loose in the clubhouse and helped out some of the younger players focusing on the goal at hand.

Once again the buzz around the Mets is of course, now that the $12.5 Million is off the books, do the Mets make a play to bring back Yoenis Cespedes?

I've been hearing time and time again that the Mets "should" sign Cespedes by numerous amounts of fans alike. I've stressed how much I think signing Yoenis Cespedes to anything more then a 2 year deal is a huge mistake. Cespedes has a great arm, he's a great athlete, he has elite power, but it's everything in between that makes signing Cespedes long term not a great idea. Cespedes has played for Oakland, Boston, Detroit and the Mets at the trade deadline in 2015.

All the teams he's been on, there must be some reason teams have been trading him away and not thinking highly of the Cuban superstar. We've seen a few times Cespedes not delivering in the playoffs particularly in the World Series, first swing, Alcides Escobar hits a ball that most people would argue is a catchable ball for Cespedes, instead the ball drops at his feet and Escobar scores on an inside the park home run. There's no question Cespedes was the key for the Mets making the playoffs, but when you look at the big picture, is Yoenis Cespedes a $185 Million player? In my opinion, I don't believe anyone is worth that much money, maybe with the exception of Mike Trout when it's time for his payday. If it were for less money and years, I would consider it. Cespedes fills a need, but again not for $185 and not for anyone unless your last name is Trout. The offseason continues for the Mets, who's next on their radar? 

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