FA Market developing for Yoenis Cespedes

The star outfielder could be playing away from Queens next season.

As 2015 winds to a close today the MLB offseason continues. I've seen numerous amounts of articles that does one of two things, ranking remaining free agents that "fit" for the Mets or some type of pointless update of Yoenis Cespedes. So I'm here to talk about the best "fits" for Yoenis Cespedes naturally. Now I can easily name off about five or more teams that's a fit for Cespedes, and no the Mets won't be one of them and nor should they be.

Obviously, you look at two things, teams willing to spend, and comfort of the player in question to go to a team. So there's of course the teams Cespedes was on formally, Boston, Detroit, Oakland and of course the Mets. Out of those teams, two of them are willing to spend, the Red Sox and the Tigers. Now, more teams that are willing to open the check book, the Cubs are a team that HAVE opened the wallet,  but there is a team that have not spent at all this offseason and is bound to make a splash and that team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not saying the "need" is there for Hollywood but once again you talk about "comfort" for Cespedes, the Dodgers have a guy that would make Cespedes feel right at home and of course I'm talking about Yasiel Puig.

Now, one final team that needs to make a splash for a bat and that team is NOT the Mets, but a team that if they did sign Cespedes, it would be quite uncharacteristic of the organization, but with the arch rival Cubs taking Jason Heyward away from them, look for the Cardinals as a "mystery team" when it comes down to the time that you hear the "three teams close to signing Cespedes" headlines.  So when it comes to Yoenis Cespedes and where he might land, don't be shocked if St.Louis makes a big push to get Cespedes.

 As far as the Mets are concerned, we've heard about  the debt that the Wilpons are supposedly in, now of course, nobody is going to feel sorry for them. But I've heard so much about how fans are gonna boycott game until they sell the team. Well, there's two problems with this, and the first problem breeds the second. First off the Wilpons selling the team right now would NOT solve their problems and would actually make it more difficult to pay off their debt.

Boycotting games would actually prolong the issue here. So instead of not going to games, I say, if it's in budget for you, go out there and root on the team. It's a win-win, the team plays with more adrenaline when you guys are filling those seats, and the team becomes more valuable and eventually the Wilpons can sell the team. Once they can pay off the debt, they will, and we can say we helped speed up the process. I know it's not the popular idea with the fans, but it is something that CAN help get what we want. Let's Go Mets.

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