Paul DePodesta leaves Mets to join Browns

The Mets Vice President of Player Development and Scouting will be making a switch to the NFL to help the lowly Browns.

 Maybe knowing that Paul DePodesta was an Economics Major from Harvard, and played both Baseball and Football says enough? However, Harvard coaches are serious guys too. Players have mandatory meetings. drills, and practices.

    This isn't like DePodesta is going from pitching to catching. He's going from grading jobs in Major League Baseball like clerical, apprenticeship, and scouting roles into something more fiscal like economics. Not knowing how well that he knew player development in college baseball might be the key to understanding the Mets situation.
The NFL's Cleveland Browns might be all set?
The Browns are cleaning house. Johnny Manzell doesn't show for a mandatory meeting, and rumors are he's done with Cleveland. Depodesta is probably going to be key on the Browns draft picks, and whatever player turnovers they make happen.
   I see the NY Mets scouting differently because I have no idea what real pull they have for players. As players go for the Mets, they're set up nicely. Did DePodesta see long ball options for the Mets?
I think that fielding, batting, running and pitching coaches determine the best overall placements for rookies. With him being a former Harvard shortstop, outfielder, and pitcher I wonder if he helped the Mets middle fielder positions more than we know?
If  he was deep into player development for the Mets rookies then I feel that we've already lost on the short term. However, we've gained for a few years. Kind if sounds like a football play.
    According to the Washington Post, DePodesta was a "always a football guy." Since he was in the fifth grade he played the sport. Something to which he always went back too. Including, assisting many of the younger college football players who had always considered him very helpful. Apparently, Sandy Alderson brought in DePodesta whom he'd worked with in Major League Baseball on the West Coast. Sandy would know where he stood with the team. Could any 2nd baseman or shortstop position during his tenure with the Mets have been negative in the past, or positive for the future? The upcoming season in 2016 might tell that tale!

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