Top 5 Greatest Moments as a Met: Mike Piazza

Following Mike Piazza’s election into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday the internet is jam packed with Piazza highlight videos and top lists. Amazin' CLubhouse top-5 list that I like to call: Piazza is Greater Than Piazza.

#5 Piazza > Trevor Hoffman


Trevor Hoffman, the man with 601 career saves, the most ever by a NL pitcher and second only to Mariano Rivera. Well, as George Costanza would say, you can stuff those saves in a sack. Mike Piazza was an amazing 7 for 16 off Hoffman with 4 home runs (two walk off HR’s) and 11 RBI.


#4 Piazza > Roger Clemens


Roger Clemens can deny anything he wants in front of congress, but there is no denying that Piazza owned him. Piazza hit .364/.440/.955 with four home runs and 10 RBI against Clemens. He even made him cry, or so says Joe Torre.


#3 Piazza > Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Pedro Martinez combined


Three of the best pitchers in baseball history and all Hall of Famers. Alone they dominated baseball, but even if they could form like Voltron to become a gigantic, robotic pitching monster they still would have been unable to stop Mike Piazza.


Tom Glavine: 27 for 75 with 6 home runs, 5 doubles and 13 RBI. Also, the 15 walks attributing to a .467 OBP clearly shows, in my mind, that Glavine was terrified of the man.


Greg Maddux: 19 for 80 with 4 home runs and 10 RBI


Pedro Martinez: 10 for 26 with 6 home runs and 8 RBI


#2 Piazza > Every other catcher ever (offensively)


Piazza is the greatest offensive catcher in Major League history. He ranks first in home runs, first in slugging percentage, first OPS+, first in offensive WAR, eighth in average, 13th in OBP and fourth in RBI


 #1 Piazza > Terrorism


New York City and the entire country had just experienced the worst case of terrorism in its history. Many were still unable to come to grips with what had just happened. Was it OK to think about something as trivial as baseball? Was it safe to go to the Stadium? That’s when Piazza crushed a two-run bunker busting, patriot missile of a home run to left center field that not only gave the Mets the lead, but let people know it was ok to cheer again and maybe, everything was going to be alright. Not even the worlds greatest enemies were a match for Mike 

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