Best and Worst Moves from the Offseason

The Mets offseason hasn't knocked any fans out of their chairs, but plenty of teams are making waves this winter.

It’s been  a relatively uneventful offseason for the local baseball teams in the New York metropolitan area but as we know there are 28 other teams in the world of baseball. So with that simple math out of the way let’s take a look at some of the big hits and the big duds of the 2015-2016 off season.

Let’s knock out the Mets and Yankees’ moves first off. The Mets brought in key pieces to their team for this coming season, some veteran leadership that can play everyday because as I mentioned in my last article ranking the top prospects, a lot of the prospects I listed are very raw for the most part with the exceptions of course being Brandon Nimmo and the relief pitchers (Dario Alvarez and Akeel Morris). Neil Walker again, mentioned him in a previous article, does what he’s asked to do and does it well, not the best glove in the world but leaps and bound better then Daniel Murphy with more power with the bat. Asdrubal Cabrera is also a versatile, switching hitting infielder. He can spell David Wright and play shortstop. Alejandro De Aza, interesting player, can he play like he did in 2014 and not 2015?

For the Yankees it’s the story of two moves. Starlin Castro, a player courted by the Mets a few times in the past, gets dealt from the Cubs for Adam Warren, led the league in hits in 2013 and with a change in scenary, Castro could return to elite status in 2016. Aroldis Chapman, easily the most controversial acquisition, is also a head scratcher, the Yankees have no question in my opinion the best relief pitching staff in baseball, but again it doesn’t fix their rotation problem. Now let’s move on to the other moves around baseball, which where the best and which where the worst?

I think the best move this offseason was the signing of Jason Heyward to the Chicago Cubs and here’s why. Aside from the smaller signing of John Lackey which is also a good move for the same reason, the Cubs take two key players from the rival Cardinals and boost their own team while the Cardinals are treading deep water with the current investigation with the Houston Astros prospect database.

As for the worst move, it’s interesting, I can easily go with the two moves Washington has made with signing two former Mets in Oliver Perez and Daniel Murphy as moves that will most likely make the team worse then what it was a year earlier but I will go to a move that albeit improves a team, isn’t a move I’m a big fan of and that was the mega contract that Arizona gave to Zack Grienke. $206 Million for the ace of the staff which features Shelby Miller which they also overpaid for and Patrick Corbin along with a questionable bullpen, It may take a while before that move works out for Arizona. 


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