Mets should prepare for life without Cespedes

The Amazin's might not be able to put all their eggs in one basket this offseason.

Yoenis Cespedes remains the best free agent available and yet as the Mets have increased their payroll for next season, they still don't figure to be in the running for the 30- year old outfielder. After starting last season with a $101 million payroll, the Mets will open the 2016 campaign with an expected payroll of $108 million and that would obviously increase if they were to sign Cespedes. However, the Mets still want to sign him to a one, two or three year deal, while the powerful slugger himself has said he wants a long-term deal of at least six years.

On Monday, Justin Upton signed a six-year, $132.75 million contract with the Tigers, removing a possible team interested in Cespedes and slightly improving the Mets chances. Even so, Cespedes figures to earn the same type of contract - if not more money - and the Mets have proven they aren't willing to dole out that kind of cash.

In his brief stint with the Mets since coming over from the Detroit Tigers at the trade deadline, Cespedes had amassed 17 homers and drove in 44 runs in just 57 games. Not only that, it seemed like he came through in every big moment for the team. As great as his numbers were and as excited he made the city feel, the unfortunate results now are that those stats are what's going to land him a huge contract, which is something the Mets do not often hand out.

That being said, Mets fans should be prepared to move on without him as a member of the club next season. Assuming the Amazin's do not retain Cespedes, there will still be plenty of viable options available to fill that right-handed hitting outfielder void. Marlon Byrd, Ryan Raburn and Alex Rios have also not found homes yet and the Mets could save money by offering one of these players a short-term deal. Previously the Mets had shown interest in Ryan Raburn and in addition to playing outfield, he can backup Lucas Duda at first base, so he would not be a bad option to have. Adding one of these guys to the formidable tandem of Curtis Granderson and Michael Conforto could be just what the Mets need to claim another National League Pennant and win their first World Series in thirty years. 

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