Mets hope of resigning Cespedes still lingers

The star outfielder might not be out of the Mets grasp after all.

Most Mets fans fully expected the Mets to spend the money necessary this off season to address their issues from last year and make the push to win the World Series in 2016 after coming very close last season.

However, as we stand just 26 days from the start of Spring Training, it appears that ownership has again opted to take a more conservative approach, and fill multiple holes on the team by spending less, rather than putting all of their money into just that one player, most notably Yoenis Cespedes.

The Mets are reportedly discussing a three-year deal with Cespedes, with an opt-out after one year.

According to, the Mets have spent $47.5 million this off season, which includes resigning Bartolo Colon and Jerry Blevins.  This puts the Mets sixth in spending among the 8 playoff teams from last year.  The Royals spent $178.5 Million after winning the World Series, and the Cubs led the league with $276.5 million. 

While most fans would love to have Cespedes resigned, he mihgt command a contract of at least five years, with the last two being full of deferred money.  By the end of his contact at the end of the 2021 season at the earliest, the Mets will be faced with decisions on their starting pitching staff. Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz will be eligible for free agency within the next five years, and each will be under 31 when that happens. It would make more sense to invest in the pitching staff instead of a 30 year old outfielder coming off of a two-month hot streak in a contract year.

The Mets will not suffer the lack of offensive ability that they suffered until the deadline last season. Michael Conforto is up for a full season, and can be a legitimate 25 Home Run threat. Barring injuries, Travis d’Arnaud should play more than the 67 games that he played in last year. David Wright is also one who needs to remain healthy, so that he does not miss all but 38 games. 

With the National League East basically a two team race between the Mets and Nationals, the Mets should be able to remain competitive, and once again will pick up the missing piece at the deadline that would be needed to put them over the top.  With the return of Wheeler mid-season, the pitching will be the best rotation in baseball.

Fans still hold out hope that the Mets may be able to re-sign Cespedes, but it would need to be for fiscally responsible terms that would not put the Mets in a bind down the road.  The question remains if Cespedes feels the same way, and the fans understand it as well.

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