30 Players in 30 Days: Antonio Bastardo

The Mets newly signed relief pitcher will be a major piece to the championship puzzle this upcoming season.

2015 Stats: 4-1 2.98 ERA 57.1 IP 26 BB 64 Ks 1 Save

Career Highlights: Antonio Bastardo started off his career as an international free agent from the Dominican Republic in 2005 with the Philadelphia Phillies making his debut in 2009. He started five games going 2-3 with an ERA north of six. He was quickly converted to a relief pitcher where he found some more success. In 2011 he appeared in 64 games and pitched 58 innings with a 2.64 ERA 26 BBs 70 Ks followed up by 26BBs 81 Ks in 52 innnings in 2012. Bastardo has always been a high strikeout pitcher, 81 Ks in 2014 in his final season in Philadelphia, 64 in Pittsburgh in 2015 along with a 2.98 ERA. The most important stat for Bastardo easily has to be his splits. He has faced 491 left handed batters and has held them to a .198 Average and a .211 against right handed batters.

Contract Situation: Bastardo signed a two year 12 million dollar contract with the Mets, which will give him a salary of 5.375 Million dollars in 2016 and 6.625 Million in 2017. Bastardo made 3.1 million dollars in 2015 with Pittsburgh.

Tradeable/Untradeable: Bastardo is valuable in baseball, his numbers reflect that and so does his contract. Although not that large in numbers, the Mets COULD trade Bastardo if the season goes down the tubes the return wouldn't be too much; however it be better then nothing. I would not trade Bastardo if the situation came to it. Not in the first year of a two year contract. If injury is the source of the Mets being in a position to dump Bastardo at the deadline, I would hold all the pieces and reload for 2017. That being said, if the right offer comes by, I'd listen if I'm Sandy Alderson

Season Outlook: Bastardo gives the Mets something they needed badly last season, a left handed reliever that can get left handed hitting out. Yes Jerry Blevins was fantastic for the Mets in 2015 but with only a short period of time to show, only having him in the bullpen over the course of a full season would be ill advised. Bastardo was one of two big lefties available on the market, Tony Sipp being the other. The Mets need to be able to get out big time left handed hitters if it does come back down to facing the Kansas City Royals again at the end of the year. Also having that extra left hander is important against top hitters in the division like Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper and even Daniel Murphy. Bastardo knows the national league east and it's hitters and should be comfortable in his new home in New York.


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