Cespedes' car-show a distraction to the Mets?

The center fielder has been the talk of the town with his jaw-dropping cars that he's been showing off this month.

Another day, another car. 

That's been the prevailing theme in Port St. Lucie during Mets Spring Training. Between his hot-rod three-wheel bike and Lamborghini with fire shooting out the exhaust, Yoenis Cespedes is turning heads at Tradition Field. 

The Cuban-born star's larger than life personality is bringing Mets fans through the turnstiles to catch a glimpse of his antics both on and off the field. 

Met fans are nothing short of giddy with the idea of having Cespedes' power bat in the middle of the lineup, but is his exotic car showcase proving to be a media distraction for the team?

Not in the least. 

Sports fans anxious to get through the slow calendar month of February were able to marvel at the Met outfielder's exotic car collection and stay current on the latest from Mets camp.

Manager Terry Collins informed reporters that he would speak with Cespedes about wearing his hat backwards during batting practice, but made no mention of the car show that has been dominating headlines.

Prior to last year, the Mets played second-fiddle to the Yankees, but after an improable run to the World Series, the Amazin's are slowly recapturing the hearts of baseball fans throughout New York City and the country. 

Cespedes' flashy cars and wild antics just add to the excitement and buzz surrounding the Mets this upcoming season. 

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