David Wright could make Mets debut Friday

Mets captain is very close to returning to Big League Spring Training action.

News reports have surfaced saying the New York Mets third baseman and captain, David Wright will begin playing in spring training games. Wright, drafted in 2001 and made his debut in July of 2004 making an immediate impact. Those days are long gone now it seems as the Mets continue to closely monitor his health. Wright played in only 38 games and was injured after an awkward slide into second base against the Phillies. Wright was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, an injury that has shortened careers in the past. The question on people's minds is how many games can the Mets trust Wright to be able to play. Wright is a career .298 hitter with 235 Homeruns and 956 RBIs in 12 years with the Mets. Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, has said that Wright will be limited to 130 games for this season but that might be a limit that won't be reached. Wright without question is a franchise player and most definitely has something left in the tank for sure but the Mets, being as cautious as they are is the right move. As far as how many games should the Mets trust Wright to play, if you're looking for a number it could be in the range of 85-90. Wright, up until 2015, played at least 102 games per full season and three of which he played 160 of 162 games.

What should the Mets expect from Wright?

A leader, their captain, a guy that is going to give it his all that's about all they can ask of him this season. Wright, before he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, was looking like he'd be on pace for a renaissance season. My big question is if the Mets are in a race in September, and Wright has played well all season does this limit get lifted? Or does this make for an interesting story line for the season.

It makes for an interesting conversation. Knowing the Mets will be most likely playing Wilmer Flores or Asdrubal Cabrera every 3rd or 4th game at third base,that will make it even more interesting. Flores' natural position is third base with this team and he should spell Wright every 4 or 5 games. Will we see that this year? Only one way to find out. Stay tuned.

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