Mets have not named starter for Game 2 vs KC

The Amazin's have yet to determine who will start Game 2 of the regular season.

                                  The New York Mets may have problems this upcoming season deciding who to start and who is their best pitcher, yet those are problems that other teams could only dream to have. The Amazin's are harboring three pitchers with tremendous upside and the potential to all make big impacts this season.

On opening day of the 2016 season, Matt Harvey will start as pitcher for the Mets against the Kansas City Royals. The Mets still feature two other pitchers that will definitely make their presence known throughout different parts of the season. Jacob deGrom and Harvey have been the topic of discussion as to who should be the ace for the second game of the season.

According to ESPN's Dan Szymborski and his ZiPs projections, as side by side comparison of both pitchers gives the slight edge to degrom. Degrom is expected to throw 186 strikeouts in 29 starts, while going 13-7 a with a ERA of 2.83. Harvey was calculated around very similar stats, going 10-6 with a higher ERA of 2.91. However because of only 26 starts, he would only throw 161 strikeouts compared to deGrom's 186.

Now asking a members of the Mets staff, some would say you could “flip a coin” to try and appoint one of them as the ace pitcher. There is still another young hurler that has yet to be talked about and that is Noah Syndergaard. Based on the same projections by ZiPS, Syndergaard can possibly end up with a slightly better career than both of the other pitchers. The projections expect him to have the best ERA (2.96), the most strikeouts (2,586), and the most career wins ( 152) against all the other potential starting pitchers for the Mets. Syndergaard was considered to be the most intimidating pitcher by teammate Travis d’Arnaud, based on his heavy build looking similar to the Marvel character “Thor.”

Now even though the decision has been made for opening day, there is still an opening for the second game against the Royals. There is a big possibility that degrom won’t be available because his wife is expecting the birth of their first child on the same day of the game on April 5. If he is projected to start, Syndergaard is expected to start in relief. Terry Collins is still tinkering with his rotation and hasn't ruled out the possibility of a six-man pitching staff during stretches of the season. Mets fans will have to wait and see until the Mets skipper officially announces the starter for Game 2 of the season. 

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