Harvey defends lifestyle, says critics just 'jealous'

The Amazin's ace is firing back at his critics for scrutinizing his life off the field.

The Dark Knights of Gotham have a lot more in common than you may think.

            Like Batman, Matt Harvey continues to draw negative press even though he means no harm to the team and city he plays for. The 26-year-old hurler recently defended his life outside of baseball.

            “I’m not going to give up enjoying my life and doing the things that I’m interested in doing,” Harvey told the New York Post. “I’m not getting caught in a club at 2 o’clock in the morning. I’m going to basketball games and hockey games and going to events and dinners.” [The scrutiny] might be jealousy. I don't know. Nobody knows the hard work that goes in the morning before I do anything. You can only work out for so many hours a day."

            Harvey has been spotted at Madison Square Garden as well as traveling during the offseason. These actions are nothing out of the ordinary with Harvey, since he came into the league in 2012, and rightfully so considering his youth.

            Some fans, though, have viewed this behavior as lackluster and unprofessional, but Harvey made sure to clarify this notion.

            “Nobody knows the hard work that goes in the morning before I do anything,” he said. “You can only work out for so many hours a day.”

            In an E:60 interview with ESPN, Harvey explained his routine of “yoga, Pilates, workout” and other baseball-related activities that he takes part in daily during the offseason. The fact that the press likes to focus on his nightlife instead of his hard work is what frustrates the young pitcher most.

            The public could not deny Harvey’s relentless work ethic last season that showcased a 13-8 record with a 2.71 ERA. This re-surging performance came after Tommy John surgery sidelined the All-Star for the entire 2014 season.

            Fans and critics alike commend Harvey on his prowess, yet are so quick to turn on him for no good reason. What is the meaning behind this false light that continues to be shed on one of MLB’s most beloved stars?

            Known for its tough facade, the New York media isn’t the most polite and ironically manages to taint their heroes at a whim. Just travel a few subway stations down to the Bronx and let New York Yankees shortstop, Didi Gregorius, tell his story of how the media and fans treated him when he struggled to match the play of Derek Jeter.

            Jeter may have been the only New Yorker to stay in the shadows when it came to his personal affairs, but Harvey, who is known to be fond of the future Hall of Famer, doesn’t want to live his life in the Big Apple hiding.

            “I think there’s a lot of learning process in figuring out what things you want to do and shouldn’t do,” Harvey said. “Maturing in that way is something that comes with experience and time.”

            The four-year veteran will once again set the negative comments aside next weekend, as he will take the mound for the season opener against the defending champion Kansas City Royals.


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