Long helping Cespedes hit the high fastball

Mets slugger working with the hitting coach to fix a hole in his swing.

 Kevin Long was hired in 2015 to help out with his former hitter in the Bronx, .Curtis Granderson His work in 2015 far surpassed what was asked of him, helping the Mets bats improve as the season went on all the way to a National League Championship. Currently he's working with Yoenis Cespedes and his swing that the Kansas City Royals were able to exploit during the World Series. They have also been working on Cespedes' approach to the plate and being able to make better contact on a high fastball. Long has done a great job helping the Mets hitters improve as such but can he help Cespedes, a player that for the most part marches to his own drum, figure out a new approach? 

Cespedes last year batted .291 with 35 home runs and 105 RBIs. He went 3 for 20 in the World Series which is a .150 average. Cespedes is a player who, when it counts, does bare down and performs at his best. Down the stretch with the Mets, Cespedes batted .287 with 44 RBI's and 17 HRs. and in the 2016 post season, Cespedes batted .250 with two homeruns and four RBIs in the NLDS and in the NLCS, Cespedes batted .286 with 3 runs batted in. But at some point he will have to be coached up and when he does respond to the coaching from Long, Cespedes is going to be even better and a hard out to make in 2016.  

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