Mike Piazza's Dad wants to buy 9/11 jersey

Vince Piazza, Mike Piazza's father wants to buy his son's 9/11 jersey back.

      Mike Piazza dad, Vince, wants to step in and buy his son's iconic jersey from September 21, 2001

Piazza told  in the New York Post that on Thursday, his family wants to buy this historic post-9/11 home run jersey from the Goldin Auctions, if there is a fair price that can be reached.

            “We want to buy the jersey and donate it to the Hall of Fame,” Vince told his son, persuading his voice with emotion. “That jersey belongs in the Hall of Fame.” 

            The New York Mets had let this jersey slip through their hands by selling this to a collector at a private sale a few years ago. Vince is dismayed and frustrated with the Mets role in this situation. However, this auction can make a deal with the collector if they are willing and agreeing to donate the jersey. There is going to be groundwork if this deal goes well.

What is the highest bid if you might ask? The current high bid for this jersey is $86,000.

If the buyer agreea to sell back the jersey, the Goldin Auctions president, Ken Goldin, will be welcoming a call for Vince Piazza.

“It is a charitable donation,” Goldin said. “If the right opportunity presents itself, through the Mets or through a private individual, and financially it was right for my consignor, we would allow it to be purchased before the auction close [April 30] — but it would have to be a requirement that it either be donated or long-term loaned to a museum like the 9/11 Museum or the Hall of Fame.”

Goldin has said that this company has never sold an item before the auction closing date, however, in this case, this makes it special since the Mets does not want to do something about it.

            If this works out by Vince buying the jersey, then Piazza will be giving the Hall a great gift. Piazza will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this July. Until now, we have to wait and see what’s going to happen next..


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