Mets bats showing no signs of life this year

Mets offensive woes result in poor 2-4 start.

The New York Mets aren’t hitting collectively or individually in their games, and this has been the main culprit for their 2-4 record. These losses are counted the same in April as they do in September. For the Mets fans, it’s not fun to be sitting in the cold for three hours watching the offense’s constant futility.      

       Entering Monday night,  the Mets posted a .180 team has a batting average with eight extra-bases and two hit home runs. The Amazin's scored 17 runs, seven of which came in one game.

            Yoenis Cespedes had his first homer and runs batted in the season on Sunday with a two-run shot in the sixth that accounted for the Mets’ only scoring a 5-2 loss to thePhiladelphia Phillies. Curtis Granderson was 0-for-4 and is batting a .050. Lucas Duda is also hitless in four at-bats and David Wright had two hits and is at .267.

            Since Cespedes is a go-to hitter, he feels as though he doesn’t feel the burden to carry the team.

“No, I don’t think that at all, because I think that I’m just here to do my job and everyone here is here to contribute,’’ said in Spanish, using a translator to English. “Everyone contributes a little bit. So one person can’t fix a team.”

            Granderson’s demeanor is as calm as he stated “At the same time, we realize there’s a ton of baseball games left to be played, a ton of games left in our own division. This isn’t going to be the first stretch that we have like this, it’s not going to be the last like this. Hopefully, we can eliminate as many as possible.”

            “Offensively, we need to step up,” Wright expressed in an impatient voice. “Right now, we just hit a little cold streak offensively . . . We’re not swinging the bats well and it shows. As pitchers, they feel like they need to bear down and not give up any runs because we’re not giving them much support right now.”

            “I think the at-bats are pretty good; we’re just not getting the bat on the ball and therefore we’re not doing any damage,” Collin’s quick take on every hitter. 

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