Wright should be dropped down in Mets' lineup

The Mets should consider moving their captain out of the No. 2 hole in the lineup.

David Wrightvhas had a nice season so far for the New York Mets this year, but the question still remains if he is going to be able to keep contributing throughout the rigors of a full season or if his health issues will haunt him once again. Therefore, the idea of moving him down in the lineup may be a smart idea because he will have fewer at-bats and could protect himself from those injuries.

Through the Mets first six games, Wright is batting .316 (6 for 19) with a .458 on-base percentage and a .474 slugging percentage. In each game, he has batted second in the lineup behind Curtis Granderson, but having him further down in the lineup could be beneficial and is something worth considering down the line as the season progresses. If Wright were batting fifth or sixth or even lower, it could alter the way pitchers prepare for the Mets and possibly even help them score more runs.

As it stands, he is in the upper part of the lineup with the other top run-producers on the team. Inserting him lower in the lineup could mean the Mets play small ball and do more of the little things to score runs from the bottom of the lineup where many teams struggle to score runs. However, Wright has shown he is still capable of producing from exactly where he is in the lineup. In addition to his aforementioned numbers, Wright also has two steals already which matches his season total from last season in minimal playing time.

He has also been given a day off in the first week, as the Mets previously announced they expect him to play around 135 games this season. Furthermore, the Captain bats in front of the dangerous Yoenis Cespedes, so he should get plenty of good pitches to hit, whereas if he is moved down in the order, the pitches thrown his way may not be as respectable, depending on who is batting around him. With Wright playing the way he is, the smart play would be to keep him where he is in the lineup and then make a decision once he falters or re-aggravates his back injury. As long as he is producing and helping his team win, the thought of switching his spot in the lineup should be an afterthought.

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