Syndergaard strikes out nine Reds as Mets win

The Mets bullpen cost "Thor" a chance at a win, but after they squandered a lead the Amazin's pulled in front late to knock of Cincinnati.

Noah Syndergaard took the mound Monday April 25th as the New York Mets took on the Cincinnati Reds. Syndergaard threw 107 pitches in 6.2 innings pitched; He totaled 9 strikeouts, and no walks during his time on the mound.

Not the most dominate performance on the mound for the young ball slinger, but a decent outing for Syndergaard only allowing 3 runs, and pitching his way into the bottom of the seventh.

 The Mets should be jumping for joy the way Syndergaard has been slinging the ball across home plate. He is one of the only pitchers in the MLB who has throw multiple triple-digit fast balls this year, and his slider is one of the hardest in the league.

 Going into Tuesday night's game, Syndergaard has recorded 29 strikeouts in just 20 innings, and 4 walks after his first three starts of his career, the only other Met to do that is Pedro Martinez. He is already starting to show potential as a Mets star pitcher, and gathering a fan base in the league itself. He must keep competing with the other young guys on the roster such as Harvey and DeGrom, but if he keeps up his pace he should be able to manage it.

 Syndergaard can most definitely give pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta and others a run for their money as he progresses, but as for now he may not be the best pitcher in the league, but he is a lot of fun to watch.

 Having the nickname Thor can most definitely boost your confidence, along with his height of being 6 foot 6, weighing 242 lbs., and having “Hollywood hair” as Mets third basemen David Wright notes in a ESPN article earlier this year.

 As the season progresses we all will be keeping an eye on Syndergaard, and hope to see him keep making a name for himself as a star for the Mets, and hopefully become known as a high-caliber pitcher in the league. 

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