Wright has neck surgery, out indefinitely

New York's captain could miss the remainder of the 2016 season.

It appears David Wright may be sidelined for the rest of the 2016 season as he underwent surgery today to repair a herniated disk in his neck.

            After weeks of tests and possible rehab treatments, Dr. Robert Watkins, along with Mets medical staff, decided it was best for the third baseman to opt for the surgery. Wright was already on the disabled list since May 30, and this procedure will no doubt leave his 2016 season in limbo.

            Wright released a statement today regarding his ultimate decision.

“After trying every way to get back on the field, I’ve come to realize that it’s best for me, my teammates and the organization to proceed with surgery at this time,” Wright stated. “My neck simply did not respond to any of the treatments of the past few weeks.”

            Dr. Watkins performed the surgery in Marina del Rey, California. He also treated Wright’s spinal stenosis that sidelined him last season until the playoffs.

            No official word stating this is a season-ending surgery has been made. Yet, Mets starter, Noah Syndergaard, tweeted today saying “Rough day hearing D Wright is out for the year. His presence and leadership is irreplaceable. #LGM”

            This disheartening news is the tip of the iceberg for Wright’s career. Spinal stenosis is a career-ending injury in many sports, especially football. If that wasn’t enough, a herniated disk prohibits mobility in the neck. Combining the two, stepping to the plate for a routine at-bat will likely become a battle for the 33-year-old Wright.

            However, Mets fans have seen Wright battle through his pains, and according to the franchise player, he is determined to make the struggle as soon as possible.

            “While incredibly frustrating and disappointing, I am determined to make a full recovery and get back on the field as soon as I can to help the Mets win,” Wright explained. “I greatly appreciate the support of my teammates and our fans throughout the last few weeks.”


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