Harvey to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery

There could be some dark nights ahead for New York's Dark Knight.

 Matt Harvey was diagnosed with symptoms consistent with thoracic outlet syndrome in his shoulder, a group of disorders in which blood vessels and nerves are compressed and it was announced today that he will undergo season-ending surgery.  The New York Mets were hoping that Harvey could receive a non-surgical injections during this season and put off surgery until after the year. New York's general manager

Sandy Alderson admits that it was a no-win situation for his prized pitcher.


It's a tough blow for Harvey personally, but it might not be the worst thing for Mets fans.  After all, Harvey is having his worst season to date, jumping out to a 4-10 record with a 4.86 ERA an 111 hits allowed.  These numbers look especially bad when compared to last season, where his ERA was only at 2.71 with a 13-8 record.  He also only gave up 156 hits, a number not so far off from the 111 he has given up in 2016.   

It might not be a bad idea to see what the likes of Zack Wheeler,Logan Verrett, or Rafael Montero can do to bolster the staff.  It’s already been announced that Verrett will take Harvey’s place on Sunday against the Washington Nationals, but his 3-5 record combined with 52 hits given up and 22 walks would be difficult to convince any fan that he’ll excel in the role. 

Wheeler is a huge question mark after having not pitched since 2014 due to receiving Tommy John surgery.  He will be activated after the break, but don’t count on him to be a viable replacement for Harvey.  Montero provides the most intrigue out of the three, but has struggled with the Las Vegas 51s in the PCL this season with a 4-6 record.  He’s 111 runs in 80 innings, and simply doesn’t have experience pitching in the majors. 

It’s hard to trust a rookie to perform well down the stretch in race for the division with the Nationals and Marlins.  Verrett looks like the best option out of the three and, although scary for most fans, if the offense keeps producing, the Amazin’s may be able to survive without Harvey for a time.  Being only 4 games back of Washington Nationals and 8 games above .500, they’re right in the thick of it.  After all, if baseball has taught us anything over the years, it’s that anything can happen.    


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