What are the odds of Becoming a Professional Baseball Player?

Making a major league baseball club isn't exactly easy according to a recent study.

Most kids growing up in the United States at one point fantasized about playing baseball in front of thousands of people for their favorite professional team, but those aspirations quickly fade as we come to the realization that most don’t possess the talent needed to play professionally.  In fact, a brand new info graphic from has determined the exact odds of making it as a star in Major League Baseball, and as expected, the odds are slim to say the least. found out that aspiring baseball players have a 1 out of 11,512 chance of being drafted out of high school alone and, even though your odds of getting to the major leagues increases as you go from high school to college and being drafted, only 47 players really reach a height of baseball stardom. 

To be a star player, you need to play for many years in order to accumulate enough statistics and accolades.  The average career in the MLB is just under six years—hardly enough to make a splash in the league—while baseball giants such as Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter all played 20 or more seasons and are all considered stars of the sport.  Knowing these odds really make the average fan appreciate current stars such as Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, who have clearly defied seemingly insurmountable odds to become baseball’s newest batch of stars.      


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