José Reyes sued for child support by ex-girlfriend

The Mets infielder has another off the field issue to worry about and this time it involves a love child with his model ex-girlfriend

d Jose Reyes might have a difficult time focusing on the game against the Nationals with a media frenzy at his side. Headlines have been encapsulated with the infielder's romantic past after some bold statements from his ex-girlfriend. 

A recent interview via The Daily News revealed information about the depth of his relationship with ex Christina Sanchez and their daughter, Liyah. Sanchez has said that Reyes asked him to keep their daughter a secret from the public. However, she has expressed the need to come forward because of his absence as a father emotionally and financially. She is suing him for unpaid child support and has said that he neglects her.

She told The Daily News that their daughter only sees Reyes on TV and is not a big part of his life. Although, she did say that she thinks the star athlete will do the right thing eventually. Regardless, he's still in legal trouble, but according to Sanchez's lawyer, Steven Gildin, it's not just about the child support. 

"The law says that you should get 17 percent of the annual income," said Gildin. "It's not about the money, however. We would take less if Reyes did the right thing and be a daddy to his daughter."

An upcoming court date is scheduled for March 22 according to Sports Illustrated, but Reyes will likely be absent because of spring training. 


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