After hot spring with big league club, Tim Tebow will join Mets minor leaguers

The football player turned baseball player definitely made some headway this spring, but his time with the Mets big league club is up for now.

When Tim Tebow signed with the New York Mets, half of the sports world erupted with a meme-based frenzy on social media. However, the former quarterback is now making strides and has shown his commitment to playing at a high level.

He had a breakthrough on Wednesday, recording two hits in three at-bats. He also had a leaping catch in right field, which made the game a standout for Tebow despite the Mets' 6-2 loss to the Marlins. 

Shortly after his successful performance, Terry Collins announced he would likely be playing for the minor league team for the rest of spring training. 

Despite his efforts, Tebow isn't going to be a star anytime soon. He is 29 years old, which puts him behind the mark in terms of progression. It is extremely rare to find a guy that can tackle the MLB without the experience. His college days were spent leaving his mark on the Florida record books in touchdowns, but his days of playing baseball at a competitive level ended after high school. It's unlikely that he'll be able to reach a major-league level within a short time period, but for now, he's adjusting and embracing his career.

"It's an awesome opportunity," Tebow said. "I am trying to make the most of it as far as a learning opportunity. Learn from as many of the guys and coaches as possible and try to absorb as much knowledge as possible." 

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