Matt Harvey on thin ice with New York Mets

The question on every Met fans mind, what should the Mets do about Matt Harvey?

To trade, or not to trade: that is the question.


New York has been plagued with Matt Harvey’s antics. On the field, Harvey has been inconsistent and riddled with injuries since joining the Mets. Harvey had a breakout sophomore season in 2013 for the Mets. Since then, Harvey has had Tommy John surgery and surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This season, Harvey has a 5.14 ERA and has allowed 46 base runners.


Off the field, Harvey’s commitment to the game has been questioned. Most recently, Harvey was suspended for three days without pay for failing to show up for Saturday night’s game at Citi Field. The reason for the no-show was cited as a migraine. It was later reported that Harvey was out partying at the Manhattan night club 10ak until about 4 am on Saturday morning.


Because of the on and off the field conditions, the relationship between New York Mets and Matt Harvey has significantly changed since 2013. The question now is: what should the Mets do?

Should New York trade Harvey?


Harvey is under the Mets’ control until the 2018 season, but is trading him a valuable option?


One team that comes to mind for Harvey is the Yankees. After this season, the Yankees’ may be losing CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka to free agency.


Another aspect to a Harvey trade is Harvey’s agent, Scott Boras. Boras is notorious for negotiating mega-contracts. Because of this, Boras may want his client to be testing the market soon, especially because of the rising tension.

Trading Harvey may not be the best decision for the Mets, however. With Harvey’s current situation, the Mets will get little in a trade. New York seems to need Harvey just as much as Harvey needs’ them. The Mets went into this season with high hopes for their starter Noah Syndergaard; however, Syndergaard will be out for three months after a muscle tear. Steven Matz just can’t stay healthy. Jacob deGrom has been battling an elbow injury. The 28-year-old Harvey has had some great moments for New York, especially in October.

 Harvey’s MLB future may not be with the Mets, but as of this current season, staying in New York would be the best option for both New York and Harvey.

 If this season doesn’t work out, the Mets may want to considered sending Harvey down to the minors and given him a re-start instead of trading him. He did great when he came up from the minors last time.

 Harvey has the chance to redeem himself Friday night against Milwaukee.

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