Noah Syndergaard teams up with Cholula Hot Sauce to Launch its New Online Community for Superfans Called “Order of Cholula.”

The man nicknamed "Thor" has a spicy habit that has been a part of his life since his days growing up in the Lone Star State.

Flamethrower Noah Syndergaard caught up with Amazin' Clubhouse at Cholula Hot Sauce's launch party in Manhattan where the company unveiled its new online community for superfans called “Order of Cholula.” The All-Star pitcher has an unabashed love for the popular hot sauce and joined real Cholula fans who were featured in a short film that detailed the role the iconic hot sauce plays in each of their lives.  

“Cholula is a part of my life – whether it’s the morning before a game, in an after-game meal or during an off day, it’s a brand with a personality I’m naturally drawn to,” said Syndergaard. “Having grown up in Texas I’ve tried all the hot sauces. Cholula is not about simply delivering heat, it’s about bringing a unique flavor and attitude, which really mirrors how I try to live on and off the field.”


The Texas native is a hot sauce connoisseur,  and takes a great deal of pride and enjoyment out of spicing up a pregame meal with the flavorful sauce. Syndergaard reveals the health benefits of hot sauce and how it should be part of an athlete's everyday diet regimen. For the Amazin's ace, the brand has become a part his story and he's eager to share his passion for hot sauce with the world. 

"It's really cool going to Citi Field and seeing all the blonde wigs and hammers, so it was a no-brainer to partner with Cholula because I'm such a passionate guy that loves hot sauce myself being from Texas. You see a UFC Fighter and his nickname is "Hot Sauce" because he loves Cholula so much. There was a guy that lived in a van and cooked all his food in his van and he put Cholula on it. I find that to be very interesting and inspiring.  I look forward to learning a lot more about passionate Cholula fans and the unique paths they took to get to where they are now." 

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