Expos @ Mets Series Preview

The Mets play host to the Montreal Expos for four games beginning tonight at Shea Stadium. A hot run in August had the Expos nipping at the heels of the leaders of the wild card pack. The team has slowed down since then and is now all but eliminated from the race. There is still reason to be optimistic, though. Vladimir Guerrero has begun talks regarding a possible long term deal. If Montreal can pull this off, it would go a long way in winning back some of their once proud fan base.

The Mets may have lost 12 of 13 games, but this season will soon be over-much to the relief of basically everyone involved. As the Mets begin their final home stand of the season, there is reason to be optimistic. With deep pockets and a slew of young talent, the team has a bright future to look forward to.

Pitching Probables:

Tonight's game could be affected by Isabel, but if not, the Mets will send Steve Trachsel to the mound. Trachsel is looking for his 16th win of the season, which would be a career high. On staff that includes Al Leiter and Tom Galvine, Trachsel has been the most consistent and as a result leads the team in victories. Opposing the Mets will be Javier Vazquez (12-11 3.38 ERA). Vazquez has dropped three straight starts, including last week against the Mets in which he gave up five runs in seven innings.

Tom Glavine will get the nod on Friday night. Glavine (9-13 4.49 ERA) has done his best to keep a stiff upper lip this season, saying all the right things when the media asks if he regrets his decision. One thing is for sure, though. His chances at 300 career wins took a major step back this year. Glavine notched his 13th loss last week against Montreal. Zach Day (8-7 3.98 ERA) will go for the Expos. Day gave up three runs in seven innings last week, beating the Mets 7-3.

Jeremy Griffiths (1-3 6.81 ERA) and Livan Hernandez (15-9 3.15 ERA) will duel on Saturday. Griffiths pitched poorly on Monday in Chicago, giving up four runs in four innings. Hernandez has been pretty solid this season, but will still be forced to watch his old mates play in October without him. The most experienced member of the team's staff was shelled for 6 runs on three innings last week against Atlanta.

The series finale will feature Jae Weong Seo (8-12 4.01 ERA) vs. Tomo Ohka (9-12 4.52 ERA). Seo has dropped four straight starts, including earlier this week to the Cubs. Seo allowed three runs in six innings of work. Ohka has been pretty inconsistent this season, but at times has also been the victim of bad luck. Earlier this week, Ohka pitched well enough to beat the Braves, giving up just two runs in seven innings, but Atlanta came back and won, denying Ohka of the decision.

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