Final 2003 Scouting Report: OF, Wayne Lydon

The Mets selected Wayne Lydon with their 9th round pick in the 1999 draft. Lydon attended Valley View HS in Jessup, PA. Prior to 2001, Lydon had not hit .220 at any of his 3 stops in 1999 at Gulfport and 2000 at Kingsport and Pittsfield. (Free Preview of Premium Content!)

Lydon did have home runs of the inside the park variety. He appears to have twice stolen home on straight steals at Kingsport in 2000. Lydon began switch-hitting at the Mets' 2000 Florida Instructional League camp. Lydon has made steady progress through the Mets system and might have begun to pay dividends on his tools.

Statistically, Lydon had a break through season in 2002 with his .294 BA and 97 stolen bases, but his peripheral numbers were too weak to project him as more than a pinch runner/defensive replacement. Lydon peripheral numbers in the second half of 2003 began to show signs he might develop into more than a pinch runner/defensive replacement: 1 BB per 9.4 AB; 1 K per 5.1 AB; XBA of 0.050; and a stolen base success rate of 78.9% (75 SB/95 SBA). While his BB-rate declined slightly in 2003, Lydon's K-rate improved from 1 K per 4.5 AB and XBA improved from 0.030. Though these are remarkable improvements, he still doesn't drive the baseball nor make consistent contact to be more than a pinch runner/defensive replacement, but continued improvement might lead to a different future role.

After June 7th, Lydon's ratios were 1 BB per 10.2 AB; 1 K per 6.3 AB, and a XBA of 0.063. The K-rate is acceptable for a lead off hitter with limited power while he still needs to improve his XBA. His BB-rate remains acceptable. Lydon was never going to sustain a high BB-rate at higher levels unless he demonstrated more power.















St. Lucie













Cap City






































*Stats as of 9/7/03.

Batting and Power. Despite his size, Lydon has yet to convert his size into usable baseball skills, but he is beginning to show signs of developing some power and making sufficient contact.

Base Running and Speed. Lydon is a great base runner, base stealer, and possesses great speed.

Defense. Lydon is the 2nd best defensive centerfield in the organization. He possesses a solid arm.

Projection. Lydon has begun to show some improvement that suggests he might be a 5th OF, perhaps better.

ETA. 2006.

Outfielders Team
Prentice Redman AAA - Norfolk Tides
Esix Snead AAA - Norfolk Tides
Matthew Watson AAA - Norfolk Tides
Jeff Duncan AA - Binghamton Mets
Ronald Acuna AA - Binghamton Mets
Angel Pagan A - St. Lucie Mets
Bobby Malek A - St. Lucie Mets
Jonathan Slack A - Capital City Bombers
Alhaji Turay A - Capital City Bombers
Derran Watts A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Seth Pietsch A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Corey Coles A - Brooklyn Cyclones
Jamar Hill R - Kingsport Mets
Roberto Solano R - Kingsport Mets
Tyler Davidson R - Kingsport Mets
Lastings Milledge R - Kingsport Mets
Jesus Gamera R - Tronconero Mets
Anthony Cerda R - DSL Mets


Outfield is not a strength of the organization especially in the long season leagues. The Mets have a serious shortage of power hitting OFers. Only, Turay projects to be a 30 HR type. In the short season leagues the Mets have 4-5 hitters that might top 30 HR should thy make it to the MLB level in Pietsch, Hill, Milledge, Davidson, and Solano. The Mets have a number of leadoff hitters types in Chavez, Parker, Slack, Cole, Pagan, Snead, Watts and Lydon. Milledge projects to be a power hitting leadoff hitter.

1. Lastings Milledge has the highest ceiling of any Mets prospect since Darryl Strawberry. Milledge's tools which all the scouting reports emphasized overlooked that he is a polished hitter, fielder and base runner. He's not a toolsie player trying to learn how to convert his astonishing tools into usable baseball skills. He's already well down the road of converting those tools into usable baseball skills. IMO, the Mets potentially have an Andruw Jones type player with better patience at the plate, and better base running and stealing skills.

2. Bobby Malek is the only left-handed hitting OF with any power. He likely projects to 18-22 HR power projection. TJ elbow surgery has delayed his development, but his collegiate ratios suggest he'd be a high average hitter. Malek will be rule 5 draft eligible for the first time following the 2004 season.

3. Alhaji Turay's performance was clearly affected by a number of minor injuries in 2003.

4. Prentice Redman still has the look of a nice 4th or 5th OF, but Redman has sufficient power potential that should it develop, he projects to start at LF.

5. Angel Pagan has slid since it doesn't appear that the Mets will begin to develop his power potential soon if at all. He projects to be more of a platton-type player in CF.

6. Jamar Hill is a draft and follow signee from Alaska by way of Santa Ana Junior College in California. He can also play 3B. He has great projectibility and could develop 30 HR plus power. Hill will be rule 5-draft eligible following the 2004 season.

7. Tyler Davidson missed 2002 with a fractured forearm. He has the best power potential of any player in the system including Craig Brazell (1B) and Brandon Wilson (C). Davidson was considered something of a project when the Mets drafted him. So, slow development was anticipated even without the fractured forearm. He'll be rule 5-draft eligible for the first time following the 2004 season. I don't anticipate he'll be on the 40-man roster or that he'll be selected in the rule 5 draft after 2004.

8. Matt Watson, despite his recent success, projects to be a nice pinch hitter and a reserve in the OF. Keep in mind that the noted slugged Jorge Velandia (admittedly with more ABs) has as many HRs and more doubles and triples than Watson. Watson's 14 BB in 159 ABs remains unimpressive for someone who has displayed as limited HR power as he has. Watson possesses limited speed and is a weak defender. Watson has already been passed on as a rule 5 draftee following the 2001 and 2002 seasons.

9. Corey Coles has some power and adds a needed left-handed bat with some pop. He can also pitch.

10. Seth Pietsch has excellent power, but needs to improve his plate discipline and approach to hitting.

11. Miguel Garcia has been brought from the Dominican Republic, but he hasn't played very much.

12. Wayne Lydon has begun to demonstrate that he is converting his raw tools beyond his speed into useable baseball skills, however, he has a ways to go.

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