Mini Camp: Peterson Tinkers With Roberts & Wheeler

With temperatures dipping to what is considered frigid locally in St. Lucie - that's the mid 60s for those of you in colder climates - today's Mini Camp was limited to a minimum of outdoor activity, with players moving indoors for much of their workout regimen while pitching guru Rick Peterson worked with Grant Roberts and Dan Wheeler.<p>

The players are responding enthusiastically to Peterson's system with all reports and feedback from the players so far being universally positive. Peterson continued to work with Met pitchers on a one-on-one basis, spending lengthy sessions today with both Roberts and Wheeler.

Both players appreciated the personal attention from Peterson and the blend of eastern philosophy, active visualization, and biomechanical science. Roberts said he was excited about the possibility of visiting Peterson's lab in Birmingham and was "looking forward to it."

Peterson said he had a "great session" with Aaron Heilman yesterday, and after spending 20 minutes talking to Braden Looper commented that "it was like we had known each other for ten years."

Corey Ragsdale continues to put in extra effort as he did during fall instructional league, spending an extra time in the cage and taking extra infield, that left him running his post-practice sprints well after most of his teammates had headed in to the clubhouse.

Outfielder Wayne Lydon made his first appearance of camp today, with Art Howe, Jeff Wilpon and Minor League Director of Operation Kevin Morgan watching closely as Lydon, Bobby Malek, Lastings Milledge, and Tyler Davidson took their turns in the cage.

The Mini Camp continues tomorrow. Jose Reyes will miss the camp because his tourist visa expired at the end of December. He already has a work visa in place for Spring Training.

PHOTOS: Milledge, Brazell/Wilpon, Brazell, Strange, McEwing, Howe/Wilson, Wilson/McEwing, Wigginton, Baldiris(2), Duncan(2), Garcia(2), Redman, Howe, Wigginton, McEwing/Wilson, Wilson, Wigginton, Lydon, Malek, Brazell, Wells, McIntyre, Milledge(2), Davidson, Lydon, Ragsdale(2), Wheeler, Roberts, Franco(2)

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