Mini Camp: Davidson Puts On A Show

In an awesome display that one usually has to wait for Mike Piazza to roll into town to see, 2003 Appalachian League MVP Tyler Davidson drilled pitch after pitch over the 340 sign in left field at the St. Lucie Sports Complex.

Davidson, who put up some huge numbers at both Kingsport and Brooklyn this year (K: .337/.394/.669 B:.304/.347/.413), is one of the handful of non-40 man roster players left in camp. In addition to being an enormous physical speciman, Davidson has worked hard both in fall Instructs and here in Mini Camp on his defense and athleticism, drawing compliments from the coaches today on his progress in both areas.

Davidson has shown excellent agility around first base in camp and is a quality defensive outfielder with one of the strongest arms in the organization. Despite his size he shows excellent speed as evidenced by the 8 triples he notched in 172 ABs at Kingsoprt in 2003.

His repeated blasts in BP had pitchers who were trying to get their running in on the warning track scampering out of the way like embed reporters in a war zone and outfielders who were shagging flies setting up with their backs against the fence as he repeatedly peppered both cars in the parking lot and the minor league clubhouse which is a good 450 feet from home plate.

Drafted out of college as a project in the 8th round of the 2002 draft, Davidson missed his pro debut with a fractured wrist and had to rework his swing to be more productive with wood bats coming out of college. Obviously the work has paid off. Davidson has a shot at starting 2004 in St. Lucie and has his eye on the gaping hole in right field at Shea.

Rick Peterson continued to work with Mets pitchers, spending time today with Bob Keppel, Jeremey Griffiths, Aaron Heilman, and Grant Roberts among others.

Best Quote Of The Day:
Bobby Malek after being paired with the mercurial Wayne Lydon for running drills: "I'm coming after you Lydon. You'll finish, then I'll come after you."

Worst Quote Of The Day:
Art Howe when asked how he planned to manage having a dozen relievers vying for six spots: "You can never have too much pitching." Thanks for the insight, Art.

Mini Camp Celebrity Lookalikes:

Grant Roberts and Mark Wahlberg:

Bob Keppel and Anthony Edwards:

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