Second Coming

The conversion of phenom Jose Reyes into the Mets second baseman of the future, as opposed to the shortstop of the future is underway. With Spring Training just a couple of weeks away, Mets coaches Chico Fernandez and Edgar Alfonzo are drilling Reyes in the finer points of play second base.(Spring Training: FREE PREVIEW Premium Content)

Today the drills focused on working second base, the pivot to throw to second, and the throw to complete the double play. With top prospect David Wright playing the role of shortstop, Reyes took grounder after grounder, learning when to flip the ball, when to shovel it, and how to move his feet.

The range Reyes displayed at shortstop last season is serving him well, as he easily ranges behind the bag to take away balls up the middle. There will clearly be an ongoing learning process that will extend over the next couple of seasons, but Reyes is already looking very comfortable with most of the basic work from the other side of the bag.

Camp Notes:

Justin Huber is in awesome shape, looks like he dropped a lot of weight. What's up with Scott Strickland and the punk 'do with tattoo/muscle shirt look? I guess he's pursuing the "closer mentality".

The battle for fifth starter is already raging as the main contestants, including Aaron Heilman, Jeremy Griffiths, Grant Roberts, and Tyler Yates are all focused and trying to outwork each other. Heilman looks like he's on a mission. Despite the suspect first ML appearance last year, Heilman always had being a "tenacious bulldog" pretty high on his resume. He appears to have the proverbial "Eye of the Tiger".

I think Dan Wheeler is in the fifth starter mix. Bob Keppel is also working with the same group. It'll be interesting to see how and when they start pairing that group down.

There are some rumblings about bringing the top hitters in the system into camp early to participate in some pre-camp hitting instruction, bringing a bunch of the best hitting prospects in the system working out with coaches earlier than originally planned.

PHOTOS: Strickland, Yates(2) Reyes(2), Wheeler, Huber, Reyes(6), Heilman, Wheeler, Reyes(6), Strickland(2), Reyes(7)

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