Wrights Of Spring

Usually a good season in A ball doesn't buy you a ticket to Major League camp. Being assigned a number in the 70s is normally a dubious honor reserved for extra catchers who come to camp early with the abundance of pitchers. Yet despite having the number 72 stitched across the broad shoulders that carried the St. Lucie Mets to a championship last season, David Wright is in camp and drilling with the Mets starting infield.

What's becoming clear is that he is far and away the best defensive thirdbaseman in the organization, and may well be only a couple hundred minor league ABs from being the best hitting one, too.

Wright has spent the last two days running from field to field with the ear to ear grin of a kid who is having the time of his life. A lifelong Met fan who grew up a stones throw from the Mets' Norfolk AAA team's home park, Wright suddenly finds himself wearing the neon orange jersey of his favorite team as he deftly picks every ball that comes his way with Kaz Matsui and Jose Reyes as his drill mates.

As the Mets 2004 starting infield hits, Wright takes his cuts and drills routine lines drives to the wall in right center, displaying the stroke that pounded 39 doubles and 15 homers in A ball last season, and despite not being blessed with blazing speed, Wright pushes speedsters like Jeff Duncan in running drills through sheer effort and force of will. His effort, desire, and competitive nature push him and those around him to be better players.

Wright may not start the 2004 season at Shea, but it's clear that the Mets are trying to create a comfort level between him and Matsui and Reyes this spring.

It's only a matter of time and those couple of hundred development ABs that are standing between Wright and his destiny.

Spring Photo Gallery

In our continuing effort to bring the absolute best coverage of Spring Training in Port St. Lucie, today we've put together our largest one day spring gallery ever, and what we believe is the most comprehensive look at Spring Training photos available anywhere.

While other sites may give you a couple of shots of Piazza playing first or Reyes and Matsui, this is your one-stop shop for your first look at Shawn Sedlacek, Royce Ring, and Kenny Kelly in Mets uniforms. This is where you'll find Scott Erickson, James Baldwin, David Wright, and Craig Brazell. If you want more than a handful of pictures of players you've already seen, if you want to see the faces of all the players, check back here daily for the ultimate fan coverage of Mets baseball.

Photos: Ring, Wright/McEwing, Sedlacek, Matsui, Erickson, Leiter, Looper, Leiter, Brazell, Leiter, Baldwin(2), Botallico(2), Glavine, Wright, Sedlacek, Seo, Ring, Leiter, Franco, Erickson, Weathers, Moreno(2), Franco, Piazza(2), Reyes, Matsui, Matsui/Reyes, Matsui(3), Erickson, Glavine, Heilman, Stanton/Kazmir, Franco/Kazmir(2), Ring(3), Kazmir, Sedlacek, Looper, Piazza, Carter(2), Reyes/Matsui, Wright, Wigginton/Wright, Reyes, Matsui, Huber/Piazza(2), Piazza, Garcia, Matsui, Duncan, Wright, Diaz, Wright, Valent, Kelly(3), Duncan, Diaz(2), Valent, Duncan, Brazell, Wright, Redman, Glavine(2), Wigginton, Roach, Reyes(2), Wheeler, Matsui, Ring(3), Kazmir, Roach, Piazza, Phillips

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