Sunday Camp Photos & Notes

Sunday's drills took place under a sunny blue sky in near perfect 80 degree weather. Mets top prospects continued to impress all onlookers both with their play and with their sheer joy at being at their first big league camp.

Sunday's drills took place under a sunny blew sky in near perfect 80 degree weather. Mets top prospects continued to impress all onlookers both with their play and with their sheer joy at being at their first big league camp.

Camp Notes:

Pitching coach Rick Peterson has proven to be one of the best quote machines in camp. Today's gem upon being asked how the pitchers look so far, "Terrific, we're still undefeated."

Karim Garcia reported today and will be on the field tomorrow for workouts.

Whether by design or because they ended up in the same work group, it appears John Franco has taken Scott Kazmir under his wing, spending time between drills talking to the Mets top pitching prospect and making him feel welcome.

Tom Glavine has spent long stretches of time after workouts each day making himself available for autographs and photos with fans, refusing no one and staying as long as it takes to get to everyone.

Gary Carter and John Stearns are both in camp working with the catchers. Vance Wilson continues to perform his annual role as leader of the guys gunning for his job, spending time working with Mets minor league catchers and helping them improve their respective games.

How did Rodney Nye not rate an invite to camp after his breakout 2004 season at AA? Nye is expected to report for the "step camp" on the 25th for the top hitting prospects in the system.

Infield drills this weekend saw Ty Wigginton putting in some work at firstbase and Victor Diaz taking some grounders at third.

Some of the "improvements" at the training facility have drawn negative reviews from some fans. The most unappreciated being a yellow plastic safety rail added to the top of many fences that have added enough height to the fences to make it more difficult for kids to reach players who are signing autographs, and the narrowing of some walkways and a general reduction in real estate accessible to fans. The best additions are additional shade trees and a picnic table area making it much easier to find a place to get off your feet and out of the sun once in awhile.

PHOTOS: Kazmir, Yates, Baldwin, Peterson(2), Huber, LaRoque, Sedlacek, Roach, Griffiths, Glavine, Kazmir, Weathers, Moreno, Baldwin, Kazmir/Ring, Sedlacek, Strickland, Matsui, Seo, Trachsel, Looper, Roberts, Erickson, Wheeler, Roach, Yates, Franco, Sedlacek, Strange, Feliciano, Peterson, Kazmir, Ring, Keppel, Griffiths, Hill, Kazmir, Peterson(2), Keppel, Kazmir, R. Peterson, Heilman(2), Alfonzo, Huber, Jacobs, Horowitz/McEwing, Duquette, Phillips, Piazza, Wilson


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