Camp Cliff Notes

Monday's workouts provided a close up look at how Cliff Floyd's surgically repaired wheels are fairing. Floyd still appears to be moving cautiously and deliberately, though he is taking place in all workouts. (Free Preview of Premium Content)

David Wright continues to work with the starting infield and took some razzing from veterans for going all out in running drills and forcing teammates to keep up with him or appear to be dogging it. Wright grinned and said, "I only have one speed. All out."

Fans and media alike had to deal with their sight lines being impaired somewhat by the appearance of Scott Erickson's wife, Lisa Guerrero.

Jeff Duncan confirmed that he did in fact work hard on beefing up a bit during the offseason.

Karim Garcia made an appearance looking relaxed and happy to be in camp. Mike Cameron also reported, however, reportedly came in nursing a sore toe which isn't expected to prevent him from participating in drills.

PHOTOS: Kazmir, Howe, R. Peterson(3), Jacobs, Wilson(2), Johnson, Kazmir, Mrs. Erickson, Strange, Erickson, Glavine, Baldwin, Jacobs, Huber, Floyd(9), Glavine, Leiter, Diaz(2), Brazell(2), Diaz, D. Garcia(2), K. Garcia(2), Perez, K. Garcia(2), Duncan, Baldiris, Redman, Perez, Baldiris, K. Garcia, Perez(2), Wright, K. Garcia, Duncan, Wright, Moreno, Reyes, Kazmir(2), Wright, Duncan, Peterson, Roberts, Keppel, Kazmir, Trachsel, Bevis, Griffiths, Strange(2), Seo

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