Matsui's Finger First Casualty Of Spring

Everything was going to smoothly. A simple grounder during an infield drill and suddenly a minor wrench is thrown into the Mets plans as new shortstop Kazuo Matsui came up lame with a split finger on his throwing hand which required two stitches and at least a week off.

The rest of the news from camp continued to be positive.

GM Jim Duquette doused tabloid rumors that the Mets might be considering trading phenom pitcher Scott Kazmir.

Duquette reiterated the theme expressed yesterday by owner Fred Wilpon, saying the Mets have no plans to trade Scott Kazmir. Duquette further indicated that the organization has been delighted with Kazmir and that he is in fact a big part of the Mets future. "Obviously we think very highly of him", said Duquette, "We drafted him number one, and paid him a lot of money and he has met all of our expectations. He definitely figures into both our long and short term plans."

Duquette also told that it had been a couple of weeks since he had talked to the Rangers and that the rumor had taken on a life of it's own.

New closer Braden Looper threw an impressive live BP this morning using his short stint to handcuff Mets batters to the disappointment of onlookers who were hoping to see more of an offensive display.

Craig Brazell and David Wright continued to hit well during their BP sessions.

Tyler Yates is the buzz around camp as he continues to regain his pre-surgery form and is displaying an impressive array of pitches and a rejuvenated fastball which is once again registering regularly in high 90s.

Jose Reyes showed up today with his hair freshly braided and protected under a black stocking cap, reminiscent of the look Raul Gonzalez pioneered earlier in camp.

Rick Peterson continues to meet with both pitchers and catchers individually discussing the strategies he wants to employ with both ends of the potential batteries.

Tomorrow's Intrasquad game is slated for 11:30 in the newly renovated Tradition Field and is open to the public, giving fans and the Mets their first look at live game action in the stadium, and at Scott Kazmir against Major League hitters in a competitive situation as the third year pro is slated to pitch in the contest.

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