Intrasquad: Monday's Game Results

March 1, 2004 - WFAN's Mike Francesa might want to find out who David Wright is. Wright led the Stearns team over Ken Oberkfell's Obies in Monday's Intrasquad game by a score of 8-2.

Wright pounded out three hits including a homerun, stole a base, scored 3 times, and made a couple of brilliant plays in the field to lead the Stearns team onslaught.

Jose Reyes also homered going 1-2 on the day.

James Baldwin and Tyler Yates started each pitching an effective inning, Baldwin gave up only a hustle double to Cliff Floyd, and Yates relinquishing just a single past a diving Jose Reyes to Jeff Duncan. Dan Wheeler, Orber Moreno, Pedro Feliciano, Scott Kazmir, and Jeremy Hill each pitched a scoreless frame.

Kazmir was impressive despite not having his best fastball, striking out one, breaking two bats, and making a terrific defensively play in his lone inning of work.

Jason Anderson gave up 4 hits, one of which could've been scored an error, and allowed two runs on Reyes' homer.

Ricky Botallico also gave up two runs when the the first of Victor Diaz's three errors allowed Vance Wilson to reach second to start his inning of work, and Wright followed with his second hit.

Royce Ring threw impressively despite giving up two runs. Victor Diaz led off grounding to third only to be thrown out on a terrific play by Wright. After fanning Karim Garcia, Ring walked Shane Spencer and Aaron Baldiris singled, and both runs scored on Chris Basak's sac fly and another Diaz error.

Shawn Sedlacek gave up the remaining four runs, including Wright's homer, 4 hits, and Diaz's final error.

PHOTOS:Wilson, Seo, Kazmir, Yates, Glavine, Leiter(2), Erickson, Reyes(7), Valent, Reyes, Matsui(2), Heilman(3), Peterson/Heilman(4), Heilman(3), Tradition Field, Piazza, Reyes(3), Piazza, Baldwin, Reyes(4), Perez(2), Floyd, Phillips(2), Baldwin, Wilson, Yates, Duncan, Piazza, Zeile, Cameron, Wilson, Wheeler?, K. Garcia, Moreno(2), Spencer, Wigginton(2), D. Garcia, Anderson?, Wright(2), Wright/Zeile, McEwing, Reyes/Wright/Piazza, Cameron, Basak, Jacobs, Wright(2), Valent, Redman, Jacobs(2), Kazmir(3), Kelly, Kazmir, Brazell, Nye, Kazmir(2), V. Diaz, Ring(4), V. Diaz(2), K. Garcia, Baldiris, Ring, Sedlacek(2), Lydon, Wright

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