Milledge Out 3-6 Weeks

The injury bug continued to pester the Mets camp yesterday as last year's highly touted number one pick Lastings Milledge suffered a broken bone in his hand, and again today as OF Bobby Malek suffered a sprained ankle in minor league camp.

Milledge had a rough day all around, getting nailed in the back with a throw from the catcher while trying to beat out a bunt hit, before being hit on his hand while again trying to bunt and suffering the injury that will keep him out for the rest of camp.

Estimates around camp varied form three to six weeks of inactivity and the likely a period of rehab at extended spring training before Milledge makes it back into the lineup.

Malek suffered a strained ankle while stealing second base in todays Intrasquad scrum. Malek walked off the field under his own power and was limping slightly as he re-emerged from the clubhouse. "Hopefully I'll be back out there in a couple of days." Malek said.

Minor League Camp Notes:
The players in camp have broken into "Team" groups as coaches start to sift through players and build the rosters for the Mets full-season affiliates. There are roughly a dozen players still in Major League camp that will end up at Norfolk or elsewhere in the system at the beginning of the year, but today's "groups" give some clear indications about who is expected to be where, though obviously final decisions have yet to be made.

Players playing for the Tides today included: Jeff Duncan, Ron Acuna, Vitro Diaz, Craig Brazell, Prentice Redman, Chris Basak, and Mike Glavine.

The Binghamton squad closely resembled last season's championship St. Lucie team, with Angel Pagan, Wayne Lydon, David Wright, Bobby Malek, Chase Lambin, Josh Pressley, Rob McIntyre and Brett Harper playing. Danillo Reynoso was doing the catching in place of Huber. Across the way, The St. Lucie squad was taking shape with Aarom Baldiris playing third, Jon Slack in CF, Andres Rodriguez, Tyler Davidson, Blake Whealey, Alhaji Turay, Brandon Wilson, and Corey Ragsdale took the field.

The Cap City group featured Shawn Bowman, Andy Salvo, Ian Bladergroen, Derran Watts, Rashad Parker, Dante Brinkley, David Reaver, Jamar Hill and Tony Piazza.

Today's gems included a diving full-extension stop by David Wright to take away an extra base hit, a double crushed by Ron Acuna of Al Leiter for a double, and a triple to right center for Jeff Duncan.

Brett Harper is en fuego early in camp with a homer yesterday and another and a double today. Before twisting his ankle today, Bobby Malek was in a good groove, including a hard single in his only AB today, a hit off Scott Erickson Wednesday, and a single and a triple in the game before that. Andrew Salvo has been impressive, too, getting a hard line drive single and making a diving play at second during today's A ball game.

Brandon Wilson drove a massive opposite field homerun with Blake Whealy on base after a double of his own. Jose Gomez continues to impress with his velocity throwing consistently between 92-94 and dropping a nasty curveball into the strike zone in the high 70s. Kevin Deaton also pitched impressively for the St. Lucie squad.

PHOTOS: Caligiuri, Batista, Coles, Pressley, Slack, E. Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez, J. Gomez, Wright, Galante, D. Wright, Musser, Deaton(4), J. Gomez, Leiter(2), Olson, Duncan, Diaz(2), Brazell, Lydon, Wright, Baldiris, Davidson(3), Leiter(3), Olson, Cole, Leiter, Harper, Je. Hill, Wright, Lambin, Ragsdale, Peeples, Deaton, Duncan, Petit, Kazmir, Peeples, Bowman

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