Q&A With Wayne Lydon

Dan, who covers Binghamton for NYfansonly.com, sat down for a Q&A session with Wayne Lydon before Binghamton's 10-3 victory over New Britain Thursday. Learn a little bit more about Wayne Lydon and his personal life, his experiences as a ball player, and the "ins" and "outs" of his game. NYF Club Members can find out right now!

Offense, defense, and pitching all came together for the B-Mets, Thursday night as they played the first of a three game series against New Britain (Twins). Matt Peterson was flawless until the fifth when a comebacker to the mound struck him in the leg. He finished the inning but gave up two runs. Blake McGinley came on in relief and pitched four innings giving up only one earned run, walking zero, and striking out seven.

The offense scored early and often. In the first there were a pair of two run home runs and by the end of the second the B-Mets were ahead 6-0. They would cruise to a 10-3 victory.

Wayne Lydon, the 6"2, speedy, centerfielder from Jessup Pennsylvania made a dazzling over the shoulder catch in the outfield to rob Garrett Jones of an extra base hit. The switch hitting leadoff hitter 1 for 4 with a walk and a run scored.

Dan caught up with Wayne Lydon for a Q&A before the game.

NYF: So what are we doing right now, or more specifically what are you doing?

Lydon: Well, we're in the dugout watching the other team take grounders. We are supposed to note the strength of their arms, both the infielders and outfielders. It gives an idea of what we are up against.

NYF: Are you glad to be back in Binghamton after the long road trip?

Lydon: Yes it's great, especially since I live right over in Jessup Pennsylvania. So it is nice to be close to home especially around Mothers Day.

NYF: Did you get your mother a card?

Lydon: Nah, I think I'm just going to take her out to dinner.

NYF: Because you live so close, do you get to go home a lot?

Lydon: Yeah, I get to go home on off days and it's nice to get to sleep in your own bed and get home cooked meals.

NYF: What about when it's not an off day?

Lydon: When we play, I live in an apartment complex about five minutes from the stadium.

NYF: When and why did you become a switch hitter?

Lydon: About three and a half years ago. I didn't have much power from the right side, but the organization knew I had good speed so they made me a switch hitter.

NYF: Were you able to pick it up right away or was it difficult becoming a switch hitter?

Lydon: It was really pretty hard, but I put a lot of work in to it and I persevered.

NYF: Were there any adverse affects on your fielding, from spending all that extra time in the batters box?

Lydon: No! If anything it was the opposite. When I was struggling at the plate I figured if I couldn't beat the other team with my bat, I'd beat ‘em with my glove.

NYF: You've stolen over 150 bases in the last two years. Do you have the green light when you get on base?

Lydon: Yeah, "OB" is really good about that. He came from a running team and he is a very aggressive manager which plays to my strength because I am a very aggressive player. You know, as long as were responsible and don't hurt the team, he wants us to make things happen on the bases.

NYF: Do you, as a player, ever set timetables for yourself. For example, did you ever say I want to be in AA by a certain date or AAA by a certain date?

Lydon: When I was younger, but now I've realized that if you work hard and keep improving you'll get to where you want to be, which is the majors of course. Now, I just take it one day at a time and try to improve every day.

NYF: Is there a specific part of your game you're still fine tuning?

Lydon: Switch hitting is high maintenance and hitting in general is all bout fine tuning. I work hard on it all the time and am always trying to get better and make adjustments.

NYF: I tried to be a switch hitter and all I could do from my weak side is swing like a girl.

Lydon: Yeah, that's how I felt in the beginning. Its hard to face a 92MPH fastball when you're not feeling comfortable at the platee.

NYF: How did you overcome that and become more comfortable at the plate?

Lydon: I spent a lot of time in the batting cage and listened to what my coaches told me and practiced real hard and eventually it paid off. And it's still paying off.

NYF: Did you play any other sports in High School?

Lydon: Track and football.

NYF: Football? I would have thought you were a little skinny for that. What position did you play?

Lydon: I was skinny but I had good speed so I played Wide receiver and Safety.

NYF: Did you always play CF?

Lydon: I was drafted right out of High School when I was 18 and I came in as a CF.

NYF: Do you look to bunt or do you go up to the plate looking to swing away?

Lydon: When I lead off the game I always look at the third baseman to see if he's creeping in. And if the infield is playing back and the pitcher is throwing strikes I'll try and lay one down for a hit.

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