Q & A With BMets Cather, Justin Huber

For the second straight game the Mets fell behind 3-0. For the second straight game they came back to tie it up and for the second straight game, the Mets won in their last at bat. The score was 4-4 in the ninth. Ron Acuna doubled to lead off the inning. Gil Velazquez then sacrificed him over to third. Josh Pressley then grounded out to the pitcher leaving the runner on third.

Chase Lambin came up and hit a groundball back to the mound and it looked as if the Mets would strand the game winning run at third. However, the ball hit off of Scott Munter's knee and rolled far enough away that by the time he located the ball and threw over to first Lambin had already touched the bag for a game winning infield single.

Justin Huber, who scored the game winning run on Tuesday night had the day off today but went 3 for 4 on Tuesday. Wednesday's game was at 10:30 AM so Huber rested but will be back in the lineup on Thursday. We caught up with Justin for a Q&A after the game.

NYF: Is Fosters really Australian for beer?

Huber: Hmm, I really don't know. I know it's from Australia.

NYF: Living in Australia and playing so far from home, what do you do during the winter months?
Huber: I go back home to Australia.

NYF: The Olympics are this summer. Will you be playing for Australia?

Huber: Not sure yet, but I hope so.

NYF: I'll go out on a limb here and say you are one of the more talented Australian catchers. When will you know for sure?

Huber: There's a committee going around right now and I think they've narrowed it down to about 40 guys so I should know pretty soon.

NYF: How does it work in Australia? Do you play little league or in High School?

Huber: There are no High School sports. If you want to play a sport you join a club.

NYF: So how were you found?

Huber: I played on the Junior national team starting when I was 13 and then when I was 17 I played on the national team which traveled around the world, so scouts from all around the world got a pretty good look at me.

NYF: After scoring the game winning run Tuesday night, I'm sure you had a lot of adrenalin going. With a game at 10:30AM were you able to get to sleep last night?

Huber: It was a pretty exciting game and it was such beautiful night that it was really hard to get to sleep after the game. We had so much fun in the clubhouse afterwards that I didn't even feel like going to sleep.

NYF: Who works with you when it comes to defensive technique?

Huber: Gary Carter was here this past week and he's the man when it comes to that kind of stuff. I also learn a lot from the other two catchers. Between the two of them they've got like twenty years of experience, so I'm just a baby compared to them.

NYF: Do you have any trouble handling different pitchers with all the shifting that's done with minor league rosters?

Huber: I've got a pretty good repoire with the staff. I've been with a lot of them for almost four years so we all know each other pretty well. I know exactly what's going on and we're all on the same page.

NYF: Is it daunting at all, as a catcher, to be in an organization with Mike Piazza and Jason Phillips?

Huber: Nah, you can't worry about that stuff. If you're good enough to play in the big leagues then you'll play somewhere.

NYF: Say something in Australian that no one will understand.

Huber: Ha! I think you stumped me. You really put me on the spot. I'm not sure what to say. Ask Wayne, he'll be able to tell you. Wayne (Huber asks pitcher Wayne Ough, also from Australia) say something in Australian…

Wayne Ough: Let's hit the frog and toad and go down and knock the froff off a couple.

NYF: Which means??

Wayne Ough: Wayne Ough, Justin Huber: Let's go have a few beers.

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