Shawn Bowman: Why He Won't Ever Quit

Baseball may be an American tradition, but our northern neighbor Canada seems to have some talented boys of their own. Luckily, they're playing for us. Shawn Bowman, who was born and raised in British Columbia, wears Bombers jersey number eleven. Bowman, who has been playing since he was five, started out at shortstop, but was moved to his current position at third base once he was recruited.

Bowman's talent was showcased early in life. As part of a team which had been playing together for six years, Shawn won the Canadian Championships when he was fourteen. The team later went on to the World Championships where they played against countries like the United States and Korea. Incidentally, Shawn wastes no time in ranking this childhood memory as his happiest moment in baseball. Picked up straight out of high school, his performances impressed the right people. Last year he was at Kingsport and Brooklyn-- this year, Columbia. He was signed to the Mets' organization in 2002 as a twelfth round draft pick.

A well rounded athlete, Bowman played hockey, basketball, volleyball, and rugby before strictly concentrating on baseball, which he lists now as his only hobby. Self-discipline doesn't seem to be a problem. Even in high school, Bowman says that he "stayed in (from going out with my friends) because I had to play the next day." This motivation has stuck with him through the years. In the off season, he prepares by taking an initial two week break and then hitting the weight room two to three times a week during the first couple of months. Until he gets called up for spring practice, he goes four to five times a week and trains every day for his next season.

At third base little gets by Shawn. Manager Jack Lind says, "He's a great defensive player, including a very above average glove, good arm strength, good accuracy, terrific commitment, and he's a good teammate. He has the potential to be a good offensive player." Shawn agrees that his current strength lies in his defensive game, but is working hard to improve offensive performance. Given past achievements, it's safe to say that Bowman will work through any problems he's having with his swing and come out on top.

In addition to having a decorated resume at a relatively young age, Shawn has also traveled the globe because of his abilities. Going to places like the Dominican Republic, Australia, and all over the US, Bowman says, "I like seeing different parts of the world." He seems to have picked up some useful skills along the way, as he's fluent in Spanish. While traveling does hold a certain sense of appeal, Bowman concedes that he misses things like "going out with (his) buddies and having a good time" the most. He is, however, prepared to make the needed sacrifices and has no regrets about giving anything up.

Forget defense, being focused is Shawn Bowman's forte. His sacrifices may be hard, but they are not frivolous, nor are they taken lightly with this young man. Despite the many pressures heaped upon him, Bowman's tenacity to fulfill his dream of major league success only grows more resilient and, with his track record, more possible every day.

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