Q&A On Scott Hyde

Head Coach Pat Bailey of the George Fox University Bruins sat down for a Q&A session about Mets' 7th round draft pick RHP Scott Hyde. Find out what Coach Bailey has to say about Scott's stuff and make up, what he needs to work on, and who Scott compares to at the Major League level. And this and a whole lot more!

NYF: What type of pitches does Scott throw and at what speeds? What do you feel is his best "out" pitch and which pitch do you feel needs the most work? Do you feel you he has "ace" potential?

Coach Bailey: Scott throws a fastball that, when down has sink to it (88-92). His best out pitch is his late breaking, hard breaking curve ball (78-82). He is learning a change-up which has improved this year, however, it needs work.

NYF: What are your thoughts about him heading to the New York Mets organization?

Coach Bailey: While I do know about the Met's farm system, I think it is great to be given this opportunity. He will be a great addition. Scott is as classy and humble a player as I have ever coached.

NYF: If you had to predict the future of Scott Hyde, what type of a player do you see him as in the pros? What do you think he needs to work on the most in order to prepare for the Major Leagues?

Coach Bailey: I see him as an Aaron Sele type pitcher. He, at this point, has an average major league fast ball. He has an outstanding breaking ball that he needs to develop more command of in the future. He learns to consistently command his change up and he is going to be an excellent pitcher in the pros. He is a BIG-TIME competitor!

NYF: What is your most memorable Scott Hyde moment while he pitched for you at George Fox University? What were some of Scott's biggest achievements while he played for you?

Coach Bailey: Scott's last game in the championship game of the NCAA Division III World Series is my most memorable moment. He gave up 3 runs in the 1st 3 innings and then got 14 of the next 15 batters out. He only gave up only 1 hit the final six innings and finished with 13 strike outs and only 1 walk against Eastern Connecticut State University.

NYF: What do you think his best quality is as a pitcher?

Coach Bailey: Scott Hyde is the best pitcher I have ever coached. He will compete his rear end off. He is very confident, yet he is also very humble. He has great listening skills and he has a huge desire to be successful. He is a committed Christian and he will be an outstanding role model for others.

NYF: Is there any one piece of advice you would give Scott as he heads to the Mets organization?

Coach Bailey: Keep good company!!!!! Be an example setter and do not get caught in the "stigma of a lot of pro athletes". His gift is directly from God and he needs to use it wisely.

NYF: What do you think set him apart to make him the type of player he has become? In what way could Scott Hyde help a ball club that very few others could?

Coach Bailey: His positive attitude, his great work habits, and his opportunity to be a role model. He has great work habits and he is extremely coachable.

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