Q&A on Kyle Brown

CF Kyle Brown was the Mets last draft selection on Day One of the 2004 MLB Draft. Drafted in the 18th round out of LeMoyne College, Brown is a speedster cut in the same mold as Angel Pagan and Wayne Lydon. NYfansonly.com recently had the opportunity to ask LeMoyne College Sports Information Director Mike Donlin some questions about Kyle to get his thoughts on his now, former player.

NYF: Can you describe Kyle's game a little bit. How is his batting eye? How much power does he have? Does have hit to all fields? Does he hit to all fields with power? What type of hitter can he develop into? A plus gap hitter? Does Kyle possess good speed and does he run the bases well? How is he defensively? Does he have a good arm, good range, et? Will he remain a CF at the professional level, or do you think he can/have to play another position?

Donlin: Kyle has improved his strikeout numbers over the years at Le Moyne. He was primarily a No. 3 hitter in his junior year, then made a great adjustment to the leadoff spot as a senior. Kyle will find any way to get on base. For example, he tied the program career record for HBP. A gritty hitter, he'll hustle out an infield single or burn you with power to the gaps. I believe Kyle cut down on his swing a little bit to improve his average at the top of the order. He is the top base-stealer to ever play at Le Moyne, Kyle set the program single season (42) and all-time stolen base mark at Le Moyne. He can play any of the outfield positions, but was the centerfielder from day one at Le Moyne.

NYF: What are your thoughts about him heading to the New York Mets organization?

Donlin: As the SID, Le Moyne College is proud of each of its athletes that move into a professional organization. Kyle comes from a strong family background so I'm sure his family is happy to have the chance to see him play at the professional level. Since he's from the Albany/Schnectady area, a trip to Brooklyn for his initial games (and hopefully trips to Shea for the professional level) are a dream for Kyle's family. That said, I'm sure they'd be willing to travel any distance to see their son play.

NYF: If you had to predict the future of Kyle Brown, what type of a player do you see him as in the pros? What do you think he needs to work on the most in order to prepare for the Major Leagues?

Donlin: Kyle is a speedster who has stolen bases at every level and will eventually become successful at the Major League level because of his tireless work ethic.

NYF: What is your most memorable Kyle Brown moment while he played for you at LeMoyne? What were some of Kyle's biggest achievements while he played for you?

Donlin: Memorable moment ... earlier this season Kyle would steal second and third base on successive pitches in league games. Achievements - leading Le Moyne to its first back to back MAAC championships and its first back to back NCAA Division I tournament appearances.

NYF: Where does he compare with all the players you have had at LeMoyne? Is he the best you've ever coached, and if so, why?

Donlin: This is ot applicable for the SID ... but Head Coach Steve Owens has called him "one of the fastest" players he's ever coached.

NYF: What do you think his best quality is as a player? What characteristic does Kyle have that would allow him to be a Major League player? What do you think set him apart to make him the type of player he has become?

Donlin: Without question his best quality is his tireless work ethic. Kyle really wants to be a professional player and will strive to get better and better each day.

NYF: Is there any one piece of advice you would give Kyle as he heads to the Mets organization?

Donlin: Well for starter's, Kyle is very excited about being drafted by the Mets. Kyle was expected to go in the 2003 draft (bud didn't), but overcame the letdown of that draft and turned it into a positive. My one piece of advice is simply to continue to work hard, and I know he will.

NYF: How would you describe Kyle as a person?

Donlin: Kyle is an incredibly friendly young man who is always, always focused on his goals. He has the personality and desire to be as successful as he wants.

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