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NYfansonly.com recently contacted Coach Dooley of St. Xavier University to find out more information about the Mets' 17th round draft selection, LHP Joseph Williams. Joe makes his second start of the season for the Cylcones Wednesday evening. Find out what Coach Dooley has to say about Joe's repertoire, what is his best attribute on the mound, and which current Major League pitcher Joe resembles the most on the mound. NYF Club Members can find out right now!

NYF: What type of pitches does Joseph throw and at what speeds? What do you feel is his best "out" pitch and which pitch do you feel needs the most work? Do you feel you he has "ace" potential?

Coach Dooley: Joe throws a fastball around 88-90 mph, a breaking ball about 78 mph, a change-up at 75 mph, and a split finger that lingers around 75 mph. His best "out" pitch is his breaking ball. His pitch that needs the most work is the split finger. Joe does have "ace" potential if he can improve his command.

NYF: If you had to predict the future of Joseph Williams, what type of a player do you see him as in the pros? What do you think he needs to work on the most in order to prepare for the Major Leagues?

Coach Dooley: I think he definitely has the potential to pitch in the Big Leagues, but he needs to work on getting better command of all his pitches.

NYF: What is your most memorable Joseph Williams moment while he pitched for you at St. Xavier? What were some of Joseph's biggest achievements while he played for you?

Coach Dooley: One of the most memorable moments I can remember of Joe is when he won his first regional game against William Penn's ace, 3-2, as a junior. He has had plenty of impressive performances in his career here at Saint Xavier, including a no-hitter against Purdue-North Central as a junior.

NYF: Where does he compare with all the pitchers you have had while coaching? Is he one of the best, and if so, can you tell us why? Who does he most resemble with his game at the Major League level (which MLB pitcher does he compare to and why)?

Coach Dooley: Joe is one of the top 6 or 7 pitchers I have had the privilege of coaching at Saint Xavier. There have been a lot of great pitchers at SXU and to be listed in the same category as them is a great achievement. Actually, I think Joe reminds me most of Al Leiter, especially since he is leftie, and I am not just saying that because he is with the Mets.

NYF: What do you think his best quality is as a pitcher? What do you think set him apart to make him the type of player he has become?

Coach Dooley: His work ethic has definitely set him apart from the rest. He does whatever it takes to succeed in everything that he does. Joe's competitiveness and desire to succeed are his best qualities as a pitcher.

NYF: Was there ever anything you told Joseph that you think has attributed to his great success?

Coach Dooley: Not me personally, but two years ago, our pitching coach at the time Steve Wojciechowski (former major league starter for the Oakland Athletics) pulled Joe aside and told him what it would take to pitch at the Big League level. Ever since that conversation, Joe has done whatever asked of him and improved his pitching tremendously.

NYF: In what way could Joseph help a ball club that very few others could?

Coach Dooley: I think one of the big things that Joe will bring to a ball club is maturity. Being a 23 year-old surrounded by a lot of young talent should make him a player that the 18 and 19-year olds can look to for support.

We would like to thank Coach Dooley for taking the time to share his thoughts on his now former player, Joe Williams.

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