Q&A with Ryan Danly

Claire recently sat down with Capital City LHP Ryan Danly, recently promoted from the Cyclones to the Bombers, on a 100 degree day in Columbia, South Carolina. Find out what Ryan's repertoire is like, what his hobbies are, who his favorite team was growing up, and who got him started playing baseball.

NYF: How do you like playing in the heat?

Danly: It's way too much, especially coming from Iowa. Up there's it's always so nice and … mild. Yeah, never gets too hot.

NYF: What's your typical day here?

Danly: Hit the ballpark about three and go through bp and all that stuff, the occasional fundamentals with pitchers.

NYF: What kind of pitches do you throw?

Danly: Change-up, fastball, curveball. The basics.

NYF: Which one do you favor?

Danly: Probably the fastball.

NYF: How fast can you throw it?

Danly: Upper 80's to 90's, about.

NYF: How'd you get into the Mets' organization?

Danly: Got drafted out of high school in 2000, signed in 2001.

NYF: Were you always a pitcher?

Danly: Yes.

NYF: When did you start in baseball?

Danly: I think nine years old. A little league team.

NYF: Was that your idea or did your parents put you in it?

Danly: My Dad. A big baseball fan. I was more into basketball and football.

NYF: Do you prefer baseball now?

Danly: Oh yeah, definitely.

NYF: Do you have a preference, whether the batters are right or left-handed?

Danly: I usually do better against lefties, but I don't really have a preference.

NYF: What are the differences in the batters you're pitching to, from here to Brooklyn?

Danly: I had more of an idea of what they were doing down in Brooklyn and Kingsport. They just don't really have a plan when they go up to the plate.

NYF: What do you think your greatest strength as a player is?

Danly: Just my fastball.

NYF: Do you have any pre-game rituals or anything?

Danly: Nope.

NYF: You're a real laid-back kind of guy, aren't you?

Danly: Yep, not much to me.

NYF: What improvements have you made since last year?

Danly: I can feel my possession a little bit better and curveball's come a long way.

NYF: How did you get better with that?

Danly: Coming out early, like to spring training and stuff. Just getting that started.

NYF: Who's influenced you the most in baseball?

Danly: Probably my dad.

NYF: Why?

Danly: Watching him play. Well, he plays softball, but the same basic idea.

NYF: Do you have any hobbies?

Danly: Playing basketball. That's about my only hobby really. Video games.

NYF: I know Jamar Hill likes video games. Do you like Tony Hawk too?

Danly: Yeah, I love that game. My favorite's ATV racing though.

NYF: Do you skateboard or anything?

Danly: No.

NYF: What's the best advice you ever got?

Danly: Hmm. Can't really think of any right now. I know there's a bunch of good advice I've received, but…

NYF: What about your favorite players? Do you have one?

Danly: Used to be Bernie Williams, but… I don't really like a player, I just like watching certain teams.

NYF: Well what's your favorite team?

Danly: Used to be the Cubs, but now it's more like, more of the Mets. Everybody from Iowa likes the Cubs, so I kind of grew into it.

NYF: What do you wish somebody had told you about playing at this level?

Danly: I don't know. I can't come up with anything.

NYF: What about, what do you wish somebody had told you about playing professional ball?

Danly: How much of a grind it is.

NYF: Day in, day out?

Danly: Yeah, back in high school you only played two, three days a week. You come here and you're playing every single day. Three off days a year.

NYF: How hard is it on you?

Danly: Not so much anymore, I'm used to it. Except days like this, 100 degrees.

NYF: Tell me you ice skate.

Danly: No, I did once when I was real little.

NYF: You did?

Danly: I used to roller blade. Same idea. I think ice skating's a lot easier than roller blading. It makes me nervous. I'm not a big fan of the cold either. The occasional ski trip. That's always good.

NYF: You ski?

Danly: I love to ski. It's so fun. I don't do it too much, not as much as I'd like to.

NYF: Where do you go?

Danly: A place in De Buke, Iowa.

NYF: Where's that at?

Danly: On the Mississippi River.

NYF: Do you ever go canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, head down any waterfalls?

Danly: No, not much of an adventurer either. I went kayaking once though, wasn't really exciting. There were supposed to be little rapids, but the river was so low. I like to keep my feet on the ground.

NYF: Do you like flying?

Danly: Flying?

NYF: Yeah, are you scared of heights?

Danly: Very much so. I hate the whole free falling thing, being up high.

NYF: So I'm guessing you never went sky diving?

Danly: No, been on one roller coaster and ever since then I've never been on one again.

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