Q&A with Ryan Coultas

Ryan Coultas, the Mets 6th round pick in the 2004 draft sat down with NYfansonly.com to talk a little about his draft experiences, his baseball career, and how one decision in his life has changed everything.

NYF: The Cubs drafted you last year. How close were you from signing?

Ryan Coultas: I would say I was fairly close, however I really wanted to finish school. I still had couple of years of eligibility, and I wanted to get my degree so I decided to go back.

NYF: You still had one year of eligibility left when the Mets drafted you this year. Did you give any thought on going back to school?

Ryan Coultas: No…I knew I was going to sign this time, and so did the teams that I talked to.

NYF: Did you expect to be drafted about the sixth round?

Ryan Coultas: No, I did not expect to go that high. I was hoping, and thinking about the eight round, so when I heard my name in the sixth round I was really happy.

NYF: Did you expect the Mets to draft you or did you expect to be drafted by another team?

Ryan Coultas: I talked to a lot of teams this year, maybe more a little than last year just because I knew I was going to enter professional baseball this year. It was kind of a tossup in terms of the Mets or another team of drafting me.

NYF: Many Met fans follow the minor leagues as closely as they follow the major leagues. If there is one thing you want the fans to know about Ryan Coultas what would it be?

Ryan Coultas: That I am really determined. I work extremely hard to succeed.

NYF: I read that last Thanksgiving you, a cousin, and a friend of yours, were suppose to go out. It turns out you changed your mind and did not go, and later on they were killed in a car accident. Does that change anything as far as how you live life?

Ryan Coultas: You just kind of look at life in general in different terms. Having an 0-4 game, sure you will be disappointed, but in the grand scheme of things what really does an 0-4 game mean, when it comes down to life in general. Yes, it clearly changed the way I approach, and look at things.

NYF: You missed parts of two seasons in college with hands injuries. Do they still linger right now?

Ryan Coultas: It was a couple of broken bones both times. They have healed, and am fine now. It was frustrating having to miss most of my season for two straight years though. Just being forced to watch from my bench, and knowing I can't contribute on the field, it was pretty frustrating.

NYF: Do you find the defensive game in this level quicker than in college?

Ryan Coultas: Maybe just a little…I have made some errors, but I just think it is me just getting used to playing again. I have missed about 2 ½ months, so I'm sure it is just rust and I'll get back on track soon.

NYF: Who has been the biggest influence in your life/baseball career?

Ryan Coultas: Probably my first college coach, Phil Swimley. He retired the year after I played my first year.

NYF: Did you have a favorite team growing up or a favorite player?

Ryan Coultas: I was a Dodgers fan. I have always respected Cal Ripken in terms of who he was, and what he did.

NYF: Your first impressions of KeySpan…?<

Ryan Coultas: Oh man it is just great. I didn't even expect minor league baseball to be anything like this or any level for that matter. It is just great.

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