Q&A on Brad Meyers

NYfansonly.com recently had the opportunity to talk with Jon Strauss. Coach Strauss is the assistant coach/pitching coach for Loyola Marymount, and also the recruiting coordinator for LMU. Strauss just finished his second season with LMU and three of Strauss' pitchers were selected in the 2003 draft including Vince Cordova who the Mets selected in the 9th round. Will Quaglieri who currently pitches for the Brooklyn Cyclones pitched under Strauss during the 2003-2004 season.

NYF: Brad Meyers has given Loyola Marymount a verbal commitment is that correct?

Coach Strauss: Yes, that is correct.

NYF: Can you tell us a little about Brad in terms of his stuff as a pitcher?

Coach Strauss: Well he is 6'6 so he has a pitchers height, and I am sure many scouts project him well because of his body type. He has a fastball that has good movement, and is in the high 80's low 90's range, and features two good breaking balls, which is a slider, and a curveball. He also has a changeup, however that is his 4th pitch, and not that developed.

NYF: How did your interest in Brad develop?

Coach Strauss: We have been following him since November. We have a good connection with Servite High School, and past recruits from that area so we are familiar with their program. The thing with Brad is in November when we saw him, there was not much interest in him at all, and the thought of him going to professional baseball was not in discussion. However, he just developed and blossomed so quickly, and began getting some serious attention. We heard stuff about him going real early in the draft however, I don't know what exactly occurred, and why he did not.

NYF: Are you aware of any other colleges that seriously recruited Brad?

Coach Strauss: UC Riverside showed some strong interest, and we actually thought they were the frontrunner to get him. Again not many teams new about him, and followed him entering this season. He just blossomed this year, and it was pretty special to watch.

NYF: Brad was drafted in the 14th round by the NY Mets. He is currently in negotiations with the Mets. What have you heard regarding the potential of Brad signing with the Mets and going pro?

Coach Strauss: We are hopeful of him coming to Loyola Marymount. He has given us his verbal commitment, so it is either us or the pros. So at this point we have done our job. Right now it is about Brad, and what he, and his family wants. We are just waiting to hear from him on his decision. We are leaving him alone, and leaving him to discuss his future with his family. It is a very important decision for him, and we want to give him the correct space to make the decision. I'll tell you this; I just can't wait for August 30th to come soon enough. If we do lose Brad it will be a big hit to our program because we think he will be pretty special for us. It is going to be tough for us to go find a pitcher right now who can fill in and given us what he would have given us.

NYFA: August 30 is the day your classes begin?

Coach Strauss: Yes...If August 30 comes along, and he attends class the Mets no longer have his rights.

NYF: Are you aware of the negotiations regarding Brad and the Mets?

Coach Strauss: All I know is they are talking, and that is about all I know. We don't really talk with Brad in detail about it since that really is not our place. We just want to give him the time to talk to his family about it because it is an important decision.

NYF: Brad is currently pitching in a summer league correct?

Coach Strauss: Yes he is.

NYF: Can you tell us a little more about this summer league, how he is pitching, and when it ends?

Coach Strauss: He actually pitched this past Wednesday [July 21]. He pitched 5 innings and had 10 strikeouts. I thought he pitched pretty well, and had good stuff, however Brad would tell you he was not happy with his stuff. He is pitching for a team called the Orange County Renegades, and could finish this Saturday. There is a Connie Mack World Series tournament coming up in August, and he could end up pitching in that also which takes place in Farmington [New Mexico] I have seen him pitch in every one of his summer game, and he has pitched well, nothing that I didn't expect from him.

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