Q&A with Marcos Cabral

Kingsport 2B/SS Marcos Cabral sits down for a Q&A session. Find out what has been the biggest lesson Marcos has learned in his second year of professional baseball, which aspect of his game is he working on the most, what life is like for him as a minor leaguer, and which Major League shorstop and second baseman Marcos models himself after.

NYF: The Mets drafted you in the 2002 draft out of high school. Were you planning on going to college or did you know you would enter professional baseball at that point?

Marcos Cabral: Yes, right out of high school I knew I wanted to enter professional baseball and just get better as fast as I can. I pretty much knew professional baseball would be my path.

NYF: You spent last season with Kingsport and struggled a little at the plate. This year you are having a much better season, and are putting up solid numbers. Did you make any adjustments during the off-season to prepare you for this season?

Marcos Cabral: Last year I had problems physically, I was not physically strong enough to last the entire season. I had to get my body ready physically, I learned lots of things on the mental part of the game. I worked on my hitting a lot with different coaches, and they really helped me a lot on my mechanical part of my swing.

NYF: Can you give us a little scouting report on yourself. What type of offensive and defensive player are you?

Marcos Cabral: What I have that I don't think every player has is my defense. That is the biggest part of my game. I make plays that other guys can't make, I turn many double plays that many can't turn. I think I am a solid defender that you can out on the field every day, and that you know will get the outs. My bat is coming along nicely this season so that is a big plus as well.

NYF: You have played both at short stop and second base this year. Do you prefer one position over the other?

Marcos Cabral: I played short stop all my life, and I just feel I am more comfortable at short stop. I have lots of experience playing there. I am becoming more comfortable at second base though.

NYF: What has been the highlight of your career so far, whether at the amateur or the professional level?

Marcos Cabral: I played in the Connie Mack tournament with the Florida Bombers, and we went 15-0, made it to the regionals and it was a pretty exciting experience for me.

NYF: Did you have a favorite team or player growing up?

Marcos Cabral: My favorite team was the Marlins growing up. I didn't really have a favorite player growing up though.

NYF: How is life in the minor league in terms of the travel, the finances, the food, stuff like that?

Marcos Cabral: It is really mentally straining, you have to be able to handle lots of things, be mentally strong, you have to learn how to fail, and then bounce back. You have to learn how to live away from your home. Financially, we don't get paid lots of money, so that is pretty hard. Travel is real tough. You travel on an old bus, really old bus, and the air conditioner doesn't work all the time. You really have to go through a lot to finally get to your goal. The minor leagues though prepare you mentally as far as handling stuff in the future.

NYF: What pitch in this level has given you the most problems, and what type of adjustments have you made to improve?

Marcos Cabral: Probably the better pitchers' breaking stuff. I saw those type of pitches last year, but it is really me making an adjustment on my swing, and then just getting better from that.

NYF: Is there a short stop or second base man in the major leagues that you model your game after?

Marcos Cabral: Well as far as second base goes I look at Fernando Vina as someone I really like, and I like Barry Larkin as far as someone who plays short stop. I would love to be a player like that.

NYF: What aspects of your game do you try to improve on right now?

Marcos Cabral: I try to maintain my defense, and my good defensive play. However, right now because I am mostly a second baseman, and I believe second baseman have to hit more than a short stop, so I am really trying to improve on my hitting, and maintaining my average, producing good numbers, getting on base, driving in runs, getting doubles. I think that is the type of player you have to be to be a successful second baseman, other than being a good fielder.

NYF: Since being drafted and entering professional baseball, what would you say has been the biggest lesson you have learned, whether at the plate, on the field, or anything else in general?

Marcos Cabral: I never knew how mentally demanding the game was, that was probably the biggest lesson I have learned. Just trying to adjust mentally, and succeed.

NYfansonly.com would like to thank Marcos Cabral for his time and would also like to thank General Manager Roman Stout for setting up the interview with Marcos.

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