Q&A with Joshua Wyrick

KMets' centerfielder Joshua Wyrick was the Mets 11th round draft selection this year. Joshua recently sat down with NYfansonly.com for a Q&A session to give us some insight on what his typical day is like, who has been the biggest influence in his baseball development, what he thinks of playing for Mookie Wilson, and who he thinks his game resembles the most at the Major League level.

NYF: The Mets drafted you in the 11th round in this years' draft. Did you expect the Mets to draft you, and did any other teams show serious interest in you?

Joshua Wyrick: I think it was between the Mets or the Mariners. I kind of expected to go to the Mets because they showed the most interest in me throughout the whole season.

NYF: Was the 11th round around where you expected to be drafted at?

Joshua Wyrick: I didn't really know. I was expected somewhere around there, but didn't really have a set round in my mind.

NYF: What type of atmosphere is present at the ballpark during home games, and how is baseball in Tennessee?

Joshua Wyrick: It is a fun atmosphere, the fans are great, and it is a nice town to play in. The fans are really supportive of us, and it is lots of fun to play here. Everybody is pretty laid back, and we have a great time.

NYF: The Braves drafted you in the 27th round back in 2000. What made you decide to go to college, and not enter professional baseball at that time?

Joshua Wyrick: I just felt I was not mentally ready at that time. Physically I thought I could handle it but mentally I didn't think I could handle the pro ball experience at that time.

NYF: Many Met fans follow the minor league system as closely as they do the major leagues. Can you give us a little scouting report on yourself?

Joshua Wyrick: Offensively I have a little pop in my bat. I consider myself like a Steve Finley type of player, steal some bases, use my speed on the bases, and cover lots of ground in the outfield. I love playing the outfield, and feel I am a solid outfielder. Hitting I am a gap to gap hitter, I'll hit any place to the field, off-speed I will pull, fastball I will hit it to centerfield, to left. I have some pop, if I get a hold of one it will go out. I am capable of putting up some power numbers.

NYF: What type of advice has Mookie Wilson given you, and how has it been playing for him?

Joshua Wyrick: He is a great coach. Actually he is like a mentor to me. He also played outfield, and has helped in that part of my game. He has told me a lot of base running in general, how to read pitcher, and base stealing techniques. He also has told me outfield positioning, and how to be the captain of the outfield. He is a great coach and real positive, just an awesome guy.

NYF: What major difference have you noticed from college pitchers to the pitchers you face in the Appalachian League?

Joshua Wyrick: Now these guys are just professionals. Every single day you are facing the normal college ace and some are even better. Everybody is throwing 90mph, and last night we had someone throwing 95, and earlier this year we faced somebody throwing 97. The velocity is lot more here and they have better control of their off-speed pitches.

NYF: Have you set any goals for yourself for this season?

Joshua Wyrick: Nothing specific…I just want to get better as an all around player, and have lots to learn mentally. I want to improve the mental knowledge of the game, want to know the little things, the little tricks to get better.

NYF: Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

Joshua Wyrick: My father really influenced me a lot. He was a really good ball player, and his career ended in a double play ball at second base, with some guy snapping his leg sliding in.

NYF: Was this in the minor leagues?

Joshua Wyrick: No, this was during a summer league right before he would be playing in the minors.

NYF: What has been the biggest baseball moment for you?

Joshua Wyrick: So far…I guess playing in a Babe Ruth World Series, my team won three years in a row. Right now that would probably be it.

NYF: What is a typical day for Joshua Wyrick? What time do you get to the ballpark, and what do you?

Joshua Wyrick: I'll show up about 2:45pm, work on my bunting, my short game because I really want to incorporate that in my game, and Mookie has helped me with that along with Luis Natera, another one of our coaches. Then around 4pm I would take normal batting practice, and then just talk with Mookie. Mostly I just pick his brain, he has ton of knowledge, and I just try to learn as much as I can.

NYfansonly.com would like to thank Joshua Wyrick for his time and would also like to thank General Manager Roman Stout for setting up the interview with Joshua.

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