Q&A with Shawn Bowman

Shawn Bowman is a 3B prospect of the New York Mets. He was born 12/9/84 in New Westminister, British Columbia just outside of Vancouver, Canada. He is listed at 6'2, 190 lbs R-R. Bowman attended Dr. Charles Best (Coquitlan, Br. Columbia) High School. He was nice enough to answer a few questions before a recent game at Lakewood, NJ.

NYF: One Mets' farmhand, RHP Wayne Ough, and one who was recently traded away, C Justin Huber, were invited to join the Australian Olympic baseball team. Were you invited to join the Canadian Olympic team?

Bowman: No, I wasn't. And I was looking forward to going. I was disappointed that they decided to go with more older, more experienced guys.

NYF: Did you think about calling them to tell them you were willing to serve?
Bowman: No, I didn't. If they didn't want to invite me I wasn't going to pursue it.

NYF: Has this soured you on the Canadian Olympic team?

Bowman: Absolutely not. I will be rooting like heck for them.

NYF: You live in a country dubbed the Great White North. Is the baseball short where you are from?

Bowman: It isn't. The baseball season starts in April and runs thru August. It could go further weather wise. Editor's Note: (There is no HS baseball in Canada so the baseball season ends with the start of school. The area around Vancouver is pretty mild all year round, during the winter the temperature will be in the 50s so one could work out outdoors all year long.).

NYF: Since you are from Canada, did you play hockey?

Bowman: I started playing hockey late, at 12. I was so far behind the other kids, after two years I realized this wasn't for me. I started late because my parents didn't want to get up early and drive me to practice/games. Because the area I grew up was such a mild area there weren't the typical frozen lakes and ponds that serve as nearby training grounds like the rest of Canadian hockey players benefit from. That my father didn't drive me to practice is surprising because he played semi-pro hockey. He was a defenseman and my earliest childhood memories is watching him play, being in the locker-room.

NYF: Where did you get the love of baseball from?

Bowman: From the moment I started playing at age 5.

NYF: How did you get to third base?

Bowman: I was a shortstop until I joined the Mets.

NYF: Did the Mets give you a reason for shifting you to third base?

Bowman: They said I had an infielder's hand but not shortstop feet.

NYF: How do you like third base now?

Bowman: I like it better that short. It's a more reactive position and I like that.

NYF: Were you thinking about going to college?

Bowman: There wasn't much interest from 4-year schools in me. There was a 2-year school, Eastern Oklahoma JC that did, and I agreed to attend.

NYF: What was the reason you decided to turn pro over going to E. Oklahoma JC?

Bowman: To get my baseball career going. My dream was to play baseball so why wait. If I did go to school I would probably have majored in sports management.

NYF: How were you as a student?

Bowman: I got by. I wasn't an A student but I did well enough to attend whatever school I wanted to go to. My favorite subject, Math.

NYF: Were you surprised or disappointed by your draft round (12th)?

Bowman: I have to say neither as I knew so little about the draft. The Mets told me that they were thinking of taking him in the 8th to 12th round. Other teams talked to me as well, like the Braves and they indicated they were doing to take me much higher. I did listen to the draft on the Internet.

NYF: You were drafted in early June of 2002 in the 12th round, yet you didn't sign until August 16th. Why the delay?

Bowman: The main reason is that I was playing for the Canadian Junior National team that summer. It meant that the Mets could wait and see how he did in the tournament before making an offer. After I did well before the Mets cross-checkers and Ass't Scouting Director Jack Bowen the Mets made an offer.

NYF: Did you pattern you swing after anybody?

Bowman: No. It's self-taught.

NYF: We did notice this year your hands are much higher, by your ear instead of top of your shoulders. Was this your's, or the Met's, decision?

Bowman: The Met coaches thought I struggled last year because I was getting under the ball too much and I was lunging at the ball and that moving my hands up would correct it.

NYF: Who is your favorite team?

Bowman: I have two: Toronto and Seattle. My favorite hockey team is the Vancouver Canucks.

NYF: Whose your favorite player or players?

Bowman: Alex Rodriguez, Richie Sexson, John Olerud.

NYF: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Bowman: Only a younger sister. She's a high school senior.

NYF: What do you like to do when you're not playing baseball?

Bowman: I just like to hang out with my buds.

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